Can These Candles Cure Homesickness?

"Fill your house with home" is the kind of tagline that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, so when we heard about the nostalgic scents by Homesick Candles, we had to try them out for ourselves. Four Sweet editors lit up their states to test if the multi-layered scents take them back to their favorite places. Read on to see whether or not you should be packing one of these hand-poured candles next time you hit the road.

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Texas Homesick Candle

Chantal Strasburger, assistant editor, @chantagold

What It Smells Like: Notes of leather, fresh cotton, and sage.

What It Reminds You Of: While this candle doesn't transport me back to the beloved streets of my hometown of Austin (that would be more of a roasted coffee beans/breakfast burrito smell), it does put me on the back porch of my grandparents' beautiful, sprawling farm in Temple, Texas. The earthier cotton notes have a comforting hint of sweetness, which definitely pulls at the heartstrings when New York City's sticky summer air is wearing me down. An additional added comfort? The large Texas silhouette emblazoned on the front of the candle, which has earned itself a spot on my bedside table.

Virginia Homesick Candle

Chanel Parks, assistant editor, @chanelinezp

What It Smells Like: The scent isn't overwhelmingly floral or woodsy: it has just the right amount of sweetness, with notes of honeysuckle.

What It Reminds You Of: This candle takes me out to the trails and mountainous areas I loved visiting as a child, rather than my part of Virginia, which is a more metropolitan suburb near DC. I'm talking the Shenandoah and even the woody areas around historical spots such as Monticello and Mount Vernon. Mind you, I took trips to these as a curious kid who couldn't help but turn over rocks and step into pretty creeks. Needless to say, this candle brought a waft of nostalgia over me that left me feeling happy.

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Tennessee Homesick Candle

Rebecca Bates, senior editor, @re.beccabates

What It Smells Like: Hints of Magnolia flowers and Tennessee single-malt whiskey.

What It Reminds You Of: Not Tennessee, unfortunately. That isn't to say it smelled...wrong, but fresh out of the box, before burning it, there were strong notes of cleaning product. I brought it home and burned it for about an hour, hoping this would release some of the whiskey scent mentioned in the description. There wasn't a muskiness to the candle at all, but I did catch a whiff of toasty cotton, like laundry fresh out of the drier. Again, not Tennessee, exactly, but warm cotton is always comforting.

Georgia Homesick Candle

Ross Clark, general manager, @rossdevlinclark

What It Smells Like: Notes of sweet tea and Georgia peaches.

What It Reminds You Of: Full disclosure: I'm Texan by birth and grew up in North Carolina, but I've downed enough heavy dogs at The Varsity and bumped enough Outkast to qualify as an honorary Georgian. This scent has me pining for a large sweet tea, some roadside peaches, and a late-night trip to the Waffle House (in that exact order).

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A few other of Homesick Candles' regional scents

The state: Florida

The scent: Notes of orange, sea mist, and driftwood.

The state: Northern California

The scent: Notes of pear and redwood.

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The state: Southern California

The scent: Notes of cactus, orange, and the ocean.

The state: Michigan

The scent: Notes reminiscent of indian summers, cherries, and chocolate.

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The state: New York

The scent: Notes of apple and pumpkin.

The state: Colorado

The scent: Notes reminiscent of mountain spruce and ski lodge.

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