Should We Go All In On These?

There's no place like home, but ours could always use a little upgrade. Help the Sweet editors redecorate by deciding whether or not these pieces are worth the $$$.

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The Crystallized Shower Curtain

Chanel Parks, assistant editor, @chanelinezp

The Missing Puzzle Piece: Dessert Shower Curtain by Beth Hoeckel, $68,

Why My Apartment Needs It: I have a thing about shower curtains. I feel like the curtain, while often viewed as a strictly functional item, is actually the real statement decor piece of any bathroom. Currently, I have a white patterned number in my bathroom to match the gray-and-white scheme, but the room would benefit from something snazzier. Beth Hoeckel is one of my favorite artists in the game, and I love the fact that I can have one of her cool designs sprawled out in my shower. Also, a crystal that looks like Jell-O? That's pretty much my life's aesthetic in a bowl (cue the bad joke drums).

The Vinyl-Junkie Score

Rebecca Deczynski, editorial assistant, @rebeccadecz

The Missing Puzzle Piece: Vinyl Record Storage Shelf, $79,

Why My Apartment Needs It: Right now, my turntable and records all reside on a bookshelf in my living room. But sometimes I just need to listen to Rumours in private, you know? My bedroom has just enough space for this nifty shelf, and I think owning it would inspire me to play my records a bit more—and to expand my collection. 

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The Whimsical Wallpaper

Chantal Strasburger, assistant editor, @chantagold

The Missing Puzzle Piece: Jardin Creme Wallpaper by Nathalie Lété, $541,

Why My Apartment Needs It: I've been wanting this wallpaper by French designer Nathalie Lété ever since I set foot in Bakeri, my favorite cafe in Brooklyn. Their walls are covered floor-to-ceiling in this incandescently happy pattern, somehow making the room appear perpetually bathed in natural light and full of sweet aromas—exactly how I want my apartment to feel. 

The Mesmerizing Side Table

Martin Sanchez, associate editor, @thet_t

The Missing Puzzle Piece: Octahedron Side Table, $299,

Why My Apartment Needs It: For the first time in my New York City apartment history, I have a small corner of space that can actually fit something as extravagant as a side table. So why don't I take the plunge? Well, I have really bad luck with online shopping. Here's an abbreviated rundown: I've had a mattress delivered to the wrong address; once I thought I was pampering myself by ordering expensive pillows only to find out I'd ordered astronomically priced pillowcases; and recently I waited weeks for curtains I bought to arrive only to find that, of course, I'd only ordered one tiny panel. However, I (frequently) gaze upon this table and think about how very happy it would make me—until I panic thinking about having to order more equally cool stuff to put on it.

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The Poster That Says it All

Mallory Rice, deputy editor, @mallory-rice

The Missing Puzzle Piece: Oh I Don't Know Poster by Marc Hundley, $55,

Why My Apartment Needs It: When someone walks into my place, I'd like them to get a few things off the bat: 1. I love the Smiths. Always have, always will. 2. I love the artist Marc Hundley. 3. I know one thing: we're here and it's now. This poster covers the bases. I will frame it, promise.

The Dual-Action Declutterer

Stefan Marolachakis, senior editor, @stefanmymind

The Missing Puzzle Piece: Hockenheimer M by NJU Studio, $144,

Why My Apartment Needs It: A beautiful invention is one that takes a problem and turns it into an asset. In this case, the Hockenheimer M uses the countless stacks of magazines scattered around my apartment to make a beautiful new stool. It's a great-looking item, but questions remain. Must I make it my mission to read every issue before they become chair fodder? Will my beloved magazines be insulted upon being turned into a seat?

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The Better-Bedroom Piece

Catherine Fuentes, managing editor, @cat_fuentes

The Missing Puzzle Piece: Sienna Headboard, $329,

Why My Apartment Needs It: I've read so many articles lately about turning your bedroom into a "sanctuary." While I'm not sure you could ever consider a small New York City space to be anything remotely sanctuary-like, I'd like to give my bed a full makeover in the hopes that it would give me all the zen vibes I so desperately need in order to have a better night's sleep. I've had my eyes on a headboard like this for years because, in addition to function, I think it'll bring a really nice artistic element into my room, and I've simply never been one to shy away from something so beautiful.

The Schoolhouse Throwback

Christian Storm, photo editor, @cstorm44

The Missing Puzzle Piece: Vintage Library Rolling Cart, $168,

Why My Apartment Needs It: I have an addiction to buying cheap photo and art books on Amazon and eBay. My apartment is full of piles of them, way more than my measly two bookshelves can handle. I also used to have an addiction to those aspirational Tumblrs, the ones with the photos of unimaginably hip loft apartments. Once, when cruising one of those many blogs, I saw someone repurposing one of these metal rolling library carts in their home. I'm not sure if you could call the idea novel, as the cart is doing the exact same job it was doing in your elementary school, but there's something so nostalgic and clever to me about bringing one of these utilitarian objects into my house. Plus, I'd finally have a place to put all those damn books.

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