Get to Know Your Egyptian Zodiac Sign

"Osiris is in a *mood* today" is the new "Mercury's in retrograde."

The Lowdown

Most of our knowledge of Egyptian astrology comes from a 12-inch, decorated stone disc, made around 50 B.C. (Cleopatra's time), and discovered in the Temple of Hathor at Dendera in central Egypt. Now it's displayed at the Louvre, where visitors can see that the Egyptian zodiac was divided into 18 constellations, each represented by a different animal, while the 12 months were presided over by gods, goddesses, and sacred creatures.

From inscriptions at the Temple of Hathor, we know that these deities were thought to influence people's personalities, just like today's zodiac signs do. So, we're not saying that you need to call upon the lioness-headed Sekmet, lady of power and fire, to help you nail that presentation, but the option is there.

So, Who Are You Then?

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Thoth: August 29–September 27

Meet Your Deity: This Ibis-headed god was the lord of the moon, and presided over learning and imagination.

Positive Traits: Imaginative, Analytical, Excellent Memory, Neat, Methodical, Generous

Negative Traits: Materialistic, Self-Critical, Pessimistic

Dream Jobs: Journalist, Musician, Talent Agent, Professor

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Horus: September 28–October 27

Meet Your Deity: The falcon-headed Horus (son of Osiris and Isis) was the god of the rising sun, and protected and guided the pharaohs.

Positive Traits: Loyal, Trustworthy, Protective of Loved Ones, Confident, Optimistic

Negative Traits: Stubborn, Absent-Minded, No Filter

Dream Jobs: Athlete, Politician

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Wadjet: October 28–November 26

Meet Your Deity: The cobra goddess of ancient Egypt, Wadjet created the papyrus swamps of the Delta. Her image was considered a symbol of knowledge, and adorned pharaoh's crowns.

Positive Traits: Logical, Patient, Conscientious Workers, Quick Learners, Ambitious, Self-Disciplined, Observant

Negative Traits: Cynical, Arrogant, Overly Thrifty

Dream Jobs: Engineer, Architect

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Sekhmet: November 27–December 26

Meet Your Deity: The fire-breathing, lioness-headed Sekhmet was a goddess of war, fire, and, paradoxically, healing.

Positive Traits: Intelligent, Eloquent, Intuitive, Athletic, Inquisitive, Energetic

Negative Traits: Impatient, Quarrelsome, Impulsive, Unwilling to Accept Defeat

Dream Jobs: Lecturer, Broadcaster

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The Sphinx: December 27–January 25

Meet Your Deity: The most enigmatic of the signs, the Sphinx was a shape-shifter and a representation of mystical power.

Positive Traits: Witty, Astute, Self-Disciplined, Enterprising, Confident

Negative Traits: Vain, Nosy

Dream Job: Entrepreneur

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Shu: January 26–February 24

Meet Your Deity: The god of sunlight and air, Shu was represented as a human man with his hieroglyphic sign, a feather, on his head.

Positive Traits: Romantic, Creative, Theatrical, Flamboyant, Compassionate, Cheerful, Principled

Negative Traits: Self-Conscious, Indecisive, Possessive, Extravagant Spenders

Dream Jobs: Psychologist, Social Worker, Conservationist, Actor, Dancer, Musician

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Isis: February 5–March 26

Meet Your Deity: Represented as a beautiful, human woman, Isis was worshipped as the ideal mother and wife, as well as the goddess of nature and magic.

Positive Traits: Practical, Level-Headed, Idealistic, Hardworking, Easygoing, Humorous, Stylish

Negative Traits: Secretive, Workaholic Tendencies, Blunt

Dream Jobs: Advertising Executive, Graphic Designer, Research Scientist

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Osiris: March 27–April 25

Meet Your Deity: Osiris was the god of the underworld and the lord of the Nile.

Positive Traits: Quick-Witted, Curious, Idiosyncratic, Literary, Excellent Public Speaking Skills, Self-Reliant

Negative Traits: Commitment-Phobic, Cynical, Can't Resist a Low Blow in an Argument, Fidgety

Dream Jobs: Producer, Writer, Public Relations Executive

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Amun: April 26–May 25

Meet Your Deity: The ram-headed god Amun brought the cosmos into existence through the power of his thoughts.

Positive Traits: Natural Leaders, Realists, Diligent, Negotiators, Successful, Outdoorsy

Negative Traits: Headstrong, Intolerant, Unrealistic Expectations of Others

Dream Jobs: Banker, Stockbroker

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Hathor: May 26–June 24

Meet Your Deity: Sometimes depicted as a human woman, and other times shown as a white cow, Hathor was a goddess of the land and sky, and was associated with music, love, and dancing.

Positive Traits: Artistic, Enthusiastic, Charming, Original Thinkers, Adventurous, Tidy

Negative Traits: Restless, Irritable, Jealous

Dream Jobs: Doctor, Social Worker, Artist, Actor, Writer

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