5 Tips for Making a Cramped Room Feel Spacious

Just because your room is small doesn't mean you can't think big.

Mirrors, Mirrors, Mirrors

Seemingly double your space with as many light-reflecting surfaces as you can get your hands on. Not only will mirrors brighten up the room by multiplying what natural light is available, but they'll also give the illusion of endless space. Sunshine for miles.

Two Uses Are Better Than One

Everything you own should be a sneaky multi-tasker. This ottoman? Oh, look—it opens up into storage space! The more you can get out of your limited space, the better.

Think Up, Not Out

Look for storage units and furniture that run tall, rather than wide. Bookcases with shallow shelves and more height take advantage of overhead space, while still providing plenty of storage and making the room seem bigger.

Jewelry as Art as Jewelry

Why hide away some of your most beautiful possessions when you can use them as a form of decoration? Hanging up your jewelry where everyone can see it will help you keep track of that gorgeous pair of earrings you don't wear nearly enough, as well as give you easy access to your accessories when you're running out the door.

Plants Are Your Friends!

Not only is having greenery in your study and living space scientifically proven to improve focus and happiness, but plants also make an unfamiliar room feel more like home. Load up on all the ceramic planters and wall hangings your room can take—just, please, remember to water your plants.

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