How to Make the World's Best Wireless Speakers

Come with us behind the scenes at the new Sonos offices in Boston to learn how they make music sound so good.

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The modern era is filled with mind-blowing technology that gets taken for granted on a daily basis. One of our favorite 21st-century devices? The wireless speaker—a music-lover's prized possession, and something in which electronics company Sonos specializes.

We were curious to learn more about how it all goes down, so we paid a visit to the new Boston offices of Sonos, the high-end audio company now in its 15th year of operation.

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Directed by Michael Moore

Edited by Michael Russo


And now, a look at some of the wireless speakers that benefit from all of this hard work.

Play:1, $199

Standing just over 6 inches tall, the Play:1 packs big sound into a small package. A perfect point of entry into the world of high fidelity.

Play:3, $299

The larger Play:3 brings more bass and more overall power, and can definitely own a larger room all on its own.

Play:5, $499

The Play:5 is the certified top dog of the bunch—equipped with six drivers and a massive sound, this one is the unquestionable party-starter.

Sub, $699

For fans of bass, no home setup is complete without the Sub, Sonos' high-performance bass enhancer.

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