15 Beautifully Designed Turntables

These handsome record players are built to please the ears *and* the eyes. Ready to find your room's new conversation piece?

If you think the best way to listen to music on your commute is with earbuds and an iPhone, we won't argue with you. But if you think the best way to listen to music at home is the same, we think it's time for an intervention. A vinyl intervention. In fact, we're pretty certain that a beautiful turntable is just what your home (and your ears) need. We would also like to dispel any rumors that making the switch to vinyl will be expensive—sure, a turntable is an investment, but we were able to find options for every budget. You'll finally be able to make use of those records you've been collecting from Goodwill sans turntable for the past few years—or maybe that's just us.

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We love the way this turntable simply has exactly what we need, with no additives. The design of this Jensen feels timeless, but its built-in compatibility with headphones and speakers proves that you can go for an old-fashioned look without compromising convenience.

Jensen 3 Speed Stereo Turntable with AM/FM Radio, $51, wayfair.com
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Like a little nature with your technology? The team at Silvan Audio Workshop understands! Each turntable has a wooden plinth for a base, made with wood sourced from fallen trees, so your eco-chic decor can also be eco-friendly!

Archer, $950, silvanaudioworkshop.com
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This record player may look like it's straight out of the 1940s, but don't be fooled; with its CD player, cassette player, FM radio, and Bluetooth capabilities, this entertainment center can handle any and all of your seemingly outdated media. Welcome back, Britney Spears CD we haven't touched since the early 2000s!

6-in-1 Bluetooth Entertainment Center in Mahogany by Victrola, $100, bestbuy.com
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This one has the visual appeal of a vintage item, as well as top-notch functionality, folding away easily so that your friends won't be able to tell whether it's a record player or your grandpa's old cribbage board. And yes, that's a good thing—after all, no one does vintage style like grandparents!

PVNTT6UMT Vintage Style Phonograph/Turntable by Pyle, $95, quill.com
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With this beautiful, old-school Victrola stylings—complete with horn—this model by Pyle Pro will have you ready to party like it's 1925. And while it may look vintage, it also offers USB connectivity so you can convert your favorite records to mp3s whenever the mood strikes you. The best of both worlds.

Vintage Turntable with Horn and USB/MP3 Recording by Pyle Pro, $300, bhphotovideo.com
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Some personal news: we are going through a somewhat disorienting phase of life in which we want everything around us to be pink. For that very reason, we can't stop thinking about this record player. Perhaps you're in the same boat?

Audio-Technica x UO AT-LP60, $100, urbanoutfitters.com.
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We're not sure what more you could possibly want from your turntable. Inspired by vintage Dansette turntables of decades past, this player can stand on its own four legs, or hang out on your surface of choice, and even comes with built-in speakers. A truly self-sufficient item.

Bermuda Turntable, $250, crosleyradio.com
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Looking for a turntable that looks beautiful, but doesn't distract from the decor you already have happening at home? Then this is the no-frills record player for you! This model by TEAC may be stripped-down, but it still offers a USB port for mp3 conversion, and comes out of the box with a ready to pair with any amplifier you have on hand.

TEAC TN-300 2-Speed Analog Turntable In Cherry, $299, worldwidestereo.com
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Portable Players

A collaboration between Urban Outfitters and veteran turntable-manufacturer Crosley, this marbled design is exactly the update on the classic record player that we've been looking for. Another thing we love: this player can fold up into a briefcase for easy storage and portability!

Crosley x UO Marble Cruiser Briefcase, $99, urbanoutfitters.com.
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Weighing in at just over five pounds, this tiny turntable is as portable as it gets, and its unique circular shape is a delightful merger of form and function. And with its built-in speakers, you won't even need the help of an external amplifier to get the listening party started.

Jensen Bluetooth 3-Speed Stereo Turntable, $99, houzz.com
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