Life, Styled

The London shop sets out to prove that the power of design is no myth.

Folklore, a London-based home and lifestyle brand in the city's Islington neighborhood, is anchored by one core principle: the belief that "better living is possible through design." To that end, shop owner Danielle Reid fills the store with items she deems to be timeless and durable, all crafted with a seemingly effortless elegance. Her belief in the transformative capabilities of design is evidenced by the shop's policy of donating 10 percent of its profits to a different charity each year.

Reid selects five items to transform the feel of any living room.

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Being Cold Is Just No Way to Live

What's a living room without a good blanket?

Argent Blanket, $112,

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Pouring Shouldn't Be Boring. Pick up a Carafe with Charisma.

"Our new Anu range is handmade from high-fired terra-cotta, so it's extremely durable," says shop owner Danielle Reid. "The shapes and glaze colors have been developed with simplicity and timelessness in mind, making it the perfect addition to an everyday table."

Anu Carafe, $37,

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Take an Essential Stool, Then Dip It in Ink

Now it's even more essential.

Ink Stool by Folklore, $276,

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Terra-Cotta, Meet the Living Room

Ceramics aren't just for the kitchen anymore.

Berwick Pendant, $335,

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Rock, Quite Literally, Around the Clock

A lovely little desk clock that brings natural materials into the home.

Concrete Desk Clock, $112,

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