Keep It Together

We picked the shiniest accessories to get your papers and pencils in order. Because as they say: shininess is next to godliness. Or something like that.

It's still early enough in the month to defend superfluous purchases as New Year's resolution necessities, so we're taking advantage of this time to stock up on all things shiny and organizational. We've rounded up the essentials for achieving a clean workspace (and a clear headspace), so arm yourself with these golden instruments of tidiness and feel your productivity multiply. Here's to a clutter-free 2016!

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Brass Scissors

Beloved Danish design company Hay has a solid grasp on what takes an everyday object to the next level, and these scissors are a fine example. But if you're keeping this pair in a shared space, you're going to want to keep a close eye on them—office supplies this sleek have a tendency of disappearing when you're not looking.


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Large Paperclip by Carl Auböck

This modernist 1960s design by the Viennese workshop of Carl Auböck (now run by his great-grandson Carl Auböck IV) is really whatever you want it to be: paperweight, bookmark, business card holder. Anything's fair game when it comes to an oversized paperclip.


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Geometric Paperclips

Toss aside the millions of dull paperclips scattered in your desk drawers and make room for these beauties from German design studio Fundamental.Berlin. The geometric shapes, that come in brass and steel options, will add a touch of elegance to your piles (of piles) of paper.


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Colored Pencils with Brass Holder Set

Use the adult-coloring book trend as an excuse to buy yourself a very grown-up set of colored pencils. Not one for bandwagons? Then switch out the rainbow shades with your own writing utensils—your desk, your rules.


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Gold Mini Soft-Cover Notebooks

These notebooks can take you from the classroom, study, or office to the outside world: pop one of these in your pocket. You'll always be prepared to jot down ideas when lightning strikes.

$8 for set of three,

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