Leave Your Favorite Clothes Hanging

These sleek and stylish hangers will amp up any wardrobe, regardless of what's on them.

A wrinkle-free shirt is a happy shirt, and there's no better motivation for picking your clothes up off the floor than hangers that are a pleasure to use. Take your pick of these metallic beauties, and kiss those flimsy, dry-cleaner freebies goodbye.

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Woodie Clothing Hanger by Buttur

The husband-and-wife design duo behind Buttur currently sell only two products—and they're both hangers. Using a mixture of wood and aluminium, the Seattle-based brand offers the Woodie Hanger in both silver and walnut, and black and walnut. When it comes to hangers, this is about as abstract as they get.

$28, butturisbetter.com.

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Set of Five Hang Hangers by Hay

With these elegantly simple anodized hangers, Hay—one of our favorite Danish design houses—proves yet again that, sometimes, less is more. Plus, they come in black and copper, so you have options when it comes to matching your winter wardrobe to your hangers.

$11, connox.de.

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Set of Five Copper Wire Hangers by Anthom

After realizing the hangers in their Lower East Side and Chelsea locations were becoming almost as covetable as the clothes hanging on them, New York City boutique Anthom decided to add them to its collection. The glowing copper will add a little shine to your closet and the no-slide shoulder divots will make sure everything stays put.

$20, shopanthom.com.

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Triangle Hanger by Roomsafari,

Berlin-based design studio Roomsafari created a minimalist hanger that could very possibly double as a percussion instrument. It's safe to say there are not enough of those in the world.

$36-$38, odetothings.com.

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Set of Six Gold-Plated Brass Hangers by Carl Auböck Vienna

And for those who have everything, these six hangers were designed and created by the Viennese workshop of Carl Auböck in the 1970s. Made of gold-plated brass, the vintage set is in excellent condition and looking for a home that needs exactly six more hangers.

$1,800, 1stdibs.com.

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