Google Hires Sheep + More Weird Headlines From the Week

This week's news cycle had plenty of quirk.

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The World's Biggest Food Fight

If you've ever dreamed about participating in a massive food fight, you'll have to wait until next summer. Photograph courtesy of Getty Images
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Some tourists go to Spain to run with the bulls. Others visit to the country to participate in Tomatina, an annual tomato fight held in the streets of the Valencian town of Buñol. It's the biggest food fight in the world (but, really, who's measuring this), and it always takes place on the last Wednesday of August. Buñol is a town of about 9,000 residents, but attracts about 20,000 participants from around the world for Tomatina each year. But before you get ready to paint the town red, a disclaimer: organizers instruct tomato-slingers to pre-squish their fruit to avoid tomato-related injuries. Get ready to paint the town red.

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Google's Newest Cameramen: Scandinavian Sheep

In the digital age, sheep stop herding and start working for the world's most powerful search engine. Photograph courtesy of Google

When your country has more sheep than people, it makes sense to employ a few wooly friends when you can. So who can blame Durita Andreassen of the Faroe Islands (a small country in the North Atlantic, situated between Iceland, Scotland, and Norway) for making use of some of the 70,000 sheep neighbors in her area? After deciding that her small country was in need of Google Street View, she affixed several sheep with solar-powered cameras to capture footage of the area, and contacted Google about her project. Soon after, Google sent some equipment of their own to help finish the job. Here's to interspecies teamwork!

50 Years of Marriage = Twin Day Every Day

Ed and Fran text their grandson their #OOTD every single morning. Something to aspire to. Photograph courtesy of @AnthonyGargiula/Twitter

There's nothing wrong with a little color coordination, especially if you're matching with your partner of 52 years. Ed and Fran Gargiula have spent the latter part of their marriage coordinating their outfits, after they began square dancing in costume together. The internet has been blessed with images of the Gargiulas thanks to their grandson, Anthony, who tweeted about their matching looks on Monday. Unsurprisingly, Anthony's tweet has gone viral, and Ed and Fran have promptly become everyone's #relationshipgoals.

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