Brand Building 101

Designer Josh Vides is leading a master class on how to start a brand, right now on Snapchat.

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Josh Vides in Los Angeles.
Inside CLSC's store in Los Angeles.
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Los Angeles-based designer Josh Vides launched his first streetwear brand, CLSC, when he was just 19 years old. In the six years since, the brand has evolved from a line of printed T-shirts into a well-respected clothing and accessories line stocked in over 250 stores.

When Vides founded CLSC, the streetwear community was notoriously exclusive—the more limited-edition an item, the better. As streetwear's popularity has grown, it's become saturated with brands pushing the same aesthetic, leaving the landscape feeling monotonous and uninspired. With his new project, C.B.L., Vides is recalling an old-school energy all too absent from the field today: the line is meticulously crafted in very limited quantities. When the four-piece capsule collection finally drops, each item will be available online for only one hour, in the hopes of bringing the excitement of exclusivity back to streetwear. "I can make just 25 shirts if I want," the designer says."If they don't sell, they don't sell."

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In something of a social media experiment, Vides is documenting and publishing the process of building his new brand—everything from getting a business tax I.D. to creating the perfect logo—in a Snapchat series he's calling "How to Build a Brand in 30 Days." The series started just last week and will continue through the end of the month, wrapping up when Vides deems the brand ready to launch. He's handling everything from production to licensing himself, and documenting each step in the hopes of saving a younger generation the hassle of learning the ropes the hard way. "I didn't have any of this information when I was 19," he says. "Hopefully some of these guys [can learn from this, and] grow their brands successfully."

Is the future of streetwear in Vides's hands?

Keep up with Vides's journey by following the @my.cbl account on Snapchat and Instagram, and look for the capsule collection to hit this February.

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