The Strangest Things That Happened This Week

It's not over till you reflect on the smiling volcano.

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Weird Thing No. 1: An Unauthorized Celebration of Pokémon

Gotta catch...whoever put up this illegal statue. Photograph courtesy of @MichaelHurstDesign
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Just when you thought Pokémon Go mania had gone too far, it went...even farther. News broke this week that a statue of the iconic Pikachu had appeared in a public park in New Orleans without explanation. The adorable creature is immortalized with its arms crossed in a defiant pose, a symbol for all the staunch defenders of Nintendo's newest app.

The New Orleans police have stated that they know nothing about the origins of the sculpture, have not received any related complaints, and have made no plans to take action against the guerrilla statue. However, in the true spirit of Pokémon, supporters have created a petition to keep Pikachu firmly in place.

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Weird Thing No. 2: When You're Smiling, But Also a Fiery Hellpit

This is fine. Photograph courtesy of Paradise Helicopters/Tropical Visions Video/YouTube

Hawaii's Kilauea volcano wants you to know that everything is just fine. I mean, it's a pit full of molten lava with temperatures that rise above 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit, but really, otherwise, things are going well. Turns out this outwardly-smiling-inwardly-screaming mountain is not only a metaphor for arriving at a meeting after all the doughnuts are gone on the day you forgot to eat breakfast, but it is also one of the most active volcanoes in the world. The smiley face may be newly discovered, but this sassy volcano has been erupting, slowly but surely, since the early 1980s. Stay mad, Kilauea.

Weird Thing No. 3: The Olympic Games We're Most Excited For

We know you're going to be paying attention to the Olympics...but have you *seen* these kittens? Photograph courtesy of Marc Lemoine/Crown Media LLC

The Olympics were created to show amazing feats of human strength, endurance, and agility. But what about all the kittens of the world? Who is recognizing their accomplishments in physical ability? As it turns out, the Hallmark Channel is. Thank goodness. While the human Olympics may have all the drama, skill show, and empathy-inducing backstories, the Kitten Summer Games promise to be the season's cutest athletic event.

And before you ask, yes, they took the "h" out of "decathalon." Cat-letes to watch include tennis sensation Felina Williams, veteran gymnastics competitor Tabby Douglas, and lightning-fast track star Hissing Bolt.

The Kitten Summer Games began on Friday! Visit for more info.

From: Seventeen
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