Never Lose Your Focus

These sharply curated Instagram accounts target one visual theme, making them reliably inspiring, funny, and weird—sometimes all at once!

Instagram Illustration

Among the droves of Instagrammers, many of whom update the world on all their various adventures, like seemingly daily continental breakfasts and shopping hauls, there's a select group of users who devote their dispatches to one—just one!—topic. We have a lot of respect for that. Before you attempt to concoct your own deliriously clever idea, check out these super-specific accounts that have already found their niche.

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Coffee Cups of The World

While you were sipping on your double-shot caramel macchiato, photographer Henry Hargreaves decided to turn his love for coffee cups into an Instagram account, which now includes more than 500 cups. How's that for letting caffeine fuel your productivity?

Handle: @coffeecupsoftheworld

Followers: 20.9k

Most freewheeling cup: "Look mum no hands!" coffee cup from the cafe/bar/bicycle workshop in London of the same name

Most bizarre comment: "I could go for a tall cup of tacos! Prob tastes even better in styrofoam" –@joenicholas

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Matchbook Diaries

Plenty of us are in the habit of pocketing a matchbook or two on our way out of a hotel or restaurant, but Manhattan-based photographer Charlie Clarke had the bright idea to start cataloging them.

Handle: @matchbookdiaries

Followers: 11.7k

Matchbooks featuring animals: Nine (including two pigs)

Cheekiest design: Fonda's orange "Call Me!" matchbook

Most sensible comment: "We should use this page next time we don't know where to eat!" –@beekeats

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Chill Platez

We always spot quirky license plates when we're out and about, but someone finally had enough sense to document them for posterity. R U OK? We are now that we follow this Instagram!

Handle: @chillplatez

Followers: 3,540

Proud license plate owners: 1,670

Most not chill comment: "One good thing about vanity plates is when they hit you, you know who to blame" –@presstones

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Label Time

Who's that talking behind your back? Label Time is an ode to the (often vintage) clothing labels that, without even knowing what the clothes look like, make you want to buy them.

Handle: @labeltime

Followers: 13k

Most straight-talking label: This Garment Made of 100% Pure Shit

Most forecasting comment: "are labels the new license plate?" –@skurland

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Bootleg Bart

Here, you'll find images of vintage clothing to which Bart has lent his signature yellow visage. Bart's best look? That time he was reimagined as a Ninja Turtle.

Handle: @bootlegbart

Followers: 42.1k

Most existential comment: "Please keep posting these; it reminds me how close to chaos everything in existence is." –@kiejord

Most relative comment: "I don't know what is happening here but it is my favorite" –@valleyofthedolskis

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Robert E. Jackson

Robert Jackson's collection consists of faded sepia snapshots that may have lost some of their color but none of their charm.

Handle: @robert_e._jackson

Followers: 1,503

Snapshots of people buried in the sand: 2

Most appreciative comment: "So wonderful and unusual. My first thought today would be: this was photoshopped! But thankfully, it's vintage." –@jaime_permuth

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I Have This Things With Floors

Don't look down! JK! Down's the only place to look on this Instagram. Scrolling through this account (managed by Pien van Wijmen, Josha Jansen, and Edith Beurskens from Amsterdam) will make you wonder what you might have missed while your head was in the clouds.

Handle: @ihavethisthingwithfloors

Followers: 580k

Floors stepped on: 783

Most hyped-about-floors comment: "I can't sleep. If you can't either, take a look at all of these fucking cool ass floors!!!" –@medzant

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Craigslist Mirrors

Eric Oglander window-shops on Craigslist for photos to add to his found-photograph essay, Craigslist Mirrors. By recontextualizing snapshots taken by Craigslist mirror-sellers, he transforms them into contemporary art statements. Truly, one man's trash is another man's treasured Instagram account.

Handle: @craigslist_mirrors

Followers: 13.4k

Posts to date: 556

Number of images of a dog with glowing yellow-green eyes: Six

Most practical comment: "How much for this mirror?" –@amandattarian

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