15 Instagram Accounts to Inspire Your Next Vacation

Get travel tips from those who do it best.

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Did you know the best travel guide could actually be your Instagram account? Between searching hashtags of far-flung places and scoping out geotags to get a lay of the land, the photo sharing platform is an indispensable tool for travelers. But committing to a destination for your vacation is a serious decision. Here, we've selected 15 of the best travel Instagrammers to help nudge you along with their inspirational stream of gorgeous photos—and hey, if a vacation isn't in your cards right now, a little daydreaming never hurt anyone.

Peden + Munk, @pedenmunk
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Perfect for Planning Your Trip Around Eating: Taylor Peden and Jen Munkvold are food and travel photographers with home bases in both New York and Los Angeles—but between location shoots for clients including AFAR, Bon Appétit, and Martha Stewart, the duo doesn't seem to make it home much. Instead, they're in Italy grazing on prosciutto di Parma, enjoying an outdoor crawfish boil in New Orleans, and eating Dutch-style pancakes in Amsterdam.

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Perfect for Experiential Travel: While planning your trip around a stay in a luxury hotel is a solid approach to making the most of your vacation time—you might want to consider the more adventurous route after peeping Matt Long's Instagram. No destination is off limits for the travel blogger, as evidenced through photos taken at the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania, from a sailboat in Tallinn, Estonia, or from a dog sled in Finland.

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Perfect for Serene (Mental?) Vacations: The point of a trip is often to get much-needed relaxation, but, more often than not, you come back from your vacation needing a second one. Scrolling through Dave Bouskill and Debra Corbeil's Instagram is like a daily dose of tranquility via aerial photos of The Twelve Apostles limestone stacks on the shores of Australia, catching the sunrise at Iguazu Falls in Brazil, and a day hanging at the Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge in Canada.

Carin Olsson, @parisinfourmonths
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Perfect for Parisian Dreaming: Carin Olsson did what most of us only fantasize about: She dropped all of life's responsibilities to move to her dream city: Paris. Now, the photographer fills her Instagram with shots of Parisian architecture, days spent over bites at various bistros around town, and most recently, capturing the city in spring bloom.

Perfect for Traveling Like a Local: Adrienne Pitts, the London-based travel and lifestyle photographer, has a knack for capturing the beautiful subtleties of whatever city she's traveling through. A look at her page finds snippets of a bustling alley in Delhi, India, walks through the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia, and quick moments of respite in Hong Kong.

Perfect for Remarkable Places You Didn't Know Existed: As the founding editor and photographer for Tiny Atlas Quarterly, Emily Nathan's job is to bring readers and viewers a slice of the unexpected. Tiny Atlas Quarterly's feed is filled with just that—a scene from the Pyongyang Marathon in North Korea; nuns at the Hsinbyume Pagoda in Mingun, Myanmar; and a peek into a Native American preservation site in Taos, New Mexico.

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Perfect for Planning Your Beachside Getaway: Sometimes, all your vacation needs is the perfect beach to call home for a few short days. If you're short on beach inspiration, photographer Matt French has got you covered with photos of the most pristine beaches in the world.

Perfect for Architectural Destinations: Ma Yansong's global architecture company, MAD Architects, is one of China's best-known firms blending Eastern and Western designs. Their Instagram showcases the company's fantastic work around the globe. The glimpses of the Harbin Opera House among the wetlands of the Songhua River in China or the awe-inspiring shots of the Absolute Towers in Ontario, Canada, are inspiring enough to suggest you could plan your whole trip around buildings like this.

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Perfect for Adventure Travel: Elise Streck grew up on a ranch in Wyoming's Wind River Mountains constantly on the hunt for a new adventure. Clearly that experience shaped her travel choices because her feed is filled with images of backcountry skiing in the Rocky Mountains, befriending camels in Wadi Rum, Jordan, and rafting through the Grand Canyon.

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Perfect for a Surreal Experience: Conor MacNeill is a landscape photographer who also specializes in astrophotography. His imagery can go from simple but absolutely magical shots of a hidden temple in Hua Hin, Thailand, to the more extreme, such as the stunning, green-hued skies over Kirkjufell, Iceland.

Perfect for an Alaskan Expedition: Alaska usually doesn't clock-in at the top of our vacation list, but spending some time on Eric Chandler's page has us rethinking that. The wildlife and nature photographer's breathtaking shots of everything from a face-to-face with an American Bald Eagle to aurora borealis hunting across Alaska, can convince anyone to buy their ticket to Anchorage.

Perfect for Solo Traveling: Brooke Saward turned traveling into a business when she started her company, World of Wanderlust. So many of her jet-setting experiences involve traveling alone, which makes her feed the perfect resource for solo travelers. Going on a companionless travel adventure doesn't seem so bad when you peruse Saward's feed for recommendations on what to do along the Amalfi Coast, finding the best vistas in Zürich, or where to have cute animal-shaped donuts in Osaka.

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Perfect for the Budget Traveler: Feel like traveling within your budget is impossible? Kash Bhattacharya is here to tell you otherwise. His feed finds photos of his experiences globetrotting to destinations like Haarlem, Netherlands and Porto, Portugal—all while staying at the best luxury hostels, of course.

Perfect for Crowd-Sourced Inspiration: Passion Passport relies on a community of travelers to curate their feed of amazing travel photography. In this case, thousands of perspectives are better than one! You can see everything from Antoni Gaudí's mesmerizing architecture in Barcelona to scuba-diving spots in the incredibly remote Lord Howe Island in Australia—all in one day.
Perfect for Straight-Up Swooning Over: The Adventure Handbook has a serious advantage over all other travel accounts: a network of contributors under the creative direction of photographers Ryan Kenny and Luke Byrne. Their imagery excels at storytelling in a very captivating way. You'll be sure to get lost reading about everything from icebergs to driving through the Omo Valley of Ethiopia.

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