You Can See the World Without Going Broke

And these travel bloggers are proving it one snap at a time. Here, they reveal their tips for how you can do it, too.

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Getting Stamped, @gettingstamped

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Who: Hannah and Adam Lukaszewicz of Getting Stamped held corporate jobs in Milwaukee for seven years before they both quit with the goal of seeing as much of the world as possible. Since hitting the road in 2013, they've had their passports stamped in 64 different countries.

Currently In: Indonesia

On Saving Money: "One of the easiest ways to save money while traveling is to make sure you're not paying to withdraw money," says Hannah Lukaszewicz. "Pick a bank that has no international transaction fees and refunds all ATM fees—my bank, Charles Schwab, refunds all my ATM fees at the end of the month, and charges no fees."

On their 1,000th day of traveling, Hannah and Adam found themselves in Petra, Jordan. Photograph courtesy of Getting Stamped
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On Finding Deals: "I like to start researching trips using Skyscanner's 'flexible' destination option to see where can I get to the cheapest. Then, I look to regional low-cost airlines for flying around the area."

On Splurging: "When choosing a destination, I like to look at flights, activities, food, and accommodation costs. If I find affordable accommodations, I'll splurge on a flight to get me to an exotic destination."

The couple took a scenic train ride in Sri Lanka. Photograph courtesy of Getting Stamped

On the Most Affordable, Incredible Experience: "The most affordable experiences would have to be in Southeast Asia. The biggest expense will most likely be the flight, but once you're there, accommodation, food, and activities can be found at super-affordable prices. I still remember the amazing beach bungalow we had on Koh Lipe Thailand for only $30 a night."

Travel the world, see all the geofilters.

Single Piece of Advice for Wannabe Travelers: "Next time you want a new jacket, or go to Starbucks, think about saving that money for travel instead. The things you buy are just things—but the experiences you have traveling will stay with you forever."

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My Life's a Movie, @mylifesatravelmovie

Who They Are: Alyssa Ramos is a full-time solo travel blogger who has been to 43 countries and six continents—to make a living, she freelance writes and maintains her blog, traveling all the while.

Currently In: Sri Lanka
On Saving Money: "Bring granola bars to keep you from gorging on expensive meals," says Ramos, "and make a cheat sheet of average food/drink/tip prices in the local currency, so that you don't accidentally overspend!"
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On Finding Deals: "For flights, I typically use Skyscanner; for hotels, in all honesty, I use Google search, and then its map feature."

On Splurging: "Splurging usually occurs when the cheaper option is just too much of a hassle, or if I'm beyond exhausted and stressed, and really need some good rest and a nice shower. I will also splurge if an area I need to stay in doesn't seem safe—or if it's the only option near an airport. I've become really good at figuring out local transportation, but I will definitely splurge to upgrade to nicer train cabins or seats, which usually costs only a few dollars more, and is definitely worth it."

While this may look like a vista from another planet, it's actually Bolivia's Uyuni Salt Flats. Photograph courtesy of Alyssa Ramos

On the Most Affordable, Incredible Experience: "I found an Airbnb rental in Ubud (North of Bali) for $28/night that was absolutely incredible. It was an entire house with a massive porch that overlooked its own rice paddy field in the middle of the jungle, with the most exotic outdoor bath and shower I've ever seen. It also came with fast wifi and a motorbike to borrow—I always look for add-ons and inclusions."

A Taj Mahal photo without tourists in it: an impressive feat.

Single Piece of Advice for Wannabe Travelers: "Think outside the box, and change your mindset to 'what else can I do to save?' instead of 'I'll never be able to save enough.' You can make extra money if you're willing to make an effort to find extra work and put in the hours."

A Dangerous Business, @dangerousbiz

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Who They Are: Ohio native Amanda Williams isn't a full-time traveler—instead, she's living proof that you can see the world (or at least more than 45 countries) while still holding down a job. She's a freelance writer by trade, but sets that work aside when traveling, rather than making money off travel blogging.

Currently In: Washington, D.C.

On Saving Money: "Do a bit of homework ahead of time," says Williams. You don't need to plan out every second of your vacation, but doing some research beforehand on flights, hotels/hostels, and even attractions, can actually save you a lot of money."

Doing a split on the equator in Ecuador, as you do. Photograph courtesy of Amanda Williams

On Finding Deals: "I often use Kayak to look for flights, using their fare forecasts and price alerts to know when to book flights at the best price. I also book most of my hotels through—once you make a few bookings and leave a few reviews on the site, you automatically get 'Genius' status, which means an extra 10% off a lot of hotels."

On Splurging: "I save my true splurges for once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Years from now, I probably won't remember what hotel I stayed in—but I will remember swimming with wild dolphins, bungee jumping, and seeing lions on safari."

The Snaefellsnes Peninsula in Iceland, looking impossibly picturesque as usual. Photograph courtesy of Amanda Williams

On the Most Affordable, Incredible Experience: "Most people assume that traveling in Africa must be really expensive, but the trip I did with Acacia Africa was actually really affordable. I spent three weeks traveling from Cape Town to Victoria Falls, having some amazing experiences along the way, like climbing sand dunes in Namibia, going on safaris in Botswana, and camping under the stars."

Amanda hiking the Angels Landing trail in Utah's Zion National Park.

Single Piece of Advice for Wannabe Travelers: "Just remember that you don't have to fly far away to travel. There are probably plenty of cool places close to where you live that you've never visited."

Expat Edna, @expatedna

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Who They Are: After graduating from college, Edna Zhou moved to Singapore on a whim. Since then, she's been traveling the world, working a series of jobs in sports communications in a number of different countries.

Currently In: Rio de Janeiro (for the Olympics!)

On Saving Money: "You can save money by booking tickets a day earlier or later, especially with red-eye flights or overnight buses," says Zhou. "Also, try searching for nearby airports when flying. For instance: to get to Belfast, I actually flew into Dublin and took the bus up, which was cheaper."

When she's not on the road, Edna can typically be found in Paris.
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On Finding Deals: "I use Kayak and Skyscanner to find out which carrier has the cheapest flights, then buy directly through the airline website to save on booking fees."

On Splurging: "For me, travel is about eating and drinking my way through a city, so I prioritize spending on meals. I'll happily crash in a cheap hostel while trying out as many restaurants and cocktail bars as possible."

You'd never guess that this temple in Bali is located very conveniently right behind a Starbucks (no, really).

On the Most Affordable, Incredible Experience: "My most incredible experiences have always been based around people and not pricey excursions: picnicking with friends on the riverside in Paris, having tea with a local family in the Azerbaijani countryside, 4 a.m. dim sum runs in Singapore."

A good geyser is sure to blow up your Snapchat.

Single Piece of Advice for Wannabe Travelers: "Make it a financial priority and don't give into excuses—for every reason I've heard about why someone 'can't' travel, I can show you someone who has overcome that and is out there traveling right now."

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