Play Guest DJ for a Night or Two

Records have never gone out of style. There's something to that scratchy, flickering sound; the nostalgia of a soulful voice through a speaker. But let's be honest—you are not toting your record player down to the beach, carrying it with you in the subway, or setting down the needle while driving in the car. These retreats, a perfect combination of our love of vintage vinyl and stylish hotels, have you covered.

Several hotels around America are making vinyl part of vacations. From original to state-of-the-art turntables in guest rooms to record collections to peruse in the lobbies, they make it possible for you to enjoy old-school sounds while on the road.

We've rounded up where to sleep if records really turn you on.

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​The Ludlow Hotel, New York City

This hotel's 1,000-square-foot penthouse is home to an extremely rare, collectible speaker cabinet that houses a classic Technics 1200 turntable from the '70s, the very same model used at Studio 54. The collection was curated to reflect the city's sounds, from Erik Anderson to Bob Dylan, as well as punk bands like The Ramones, early New York hip-hop, and post-punk revival options, from Interpol to The Strokes.

Room rates: The Ludlow Penthouse is $1,350 per night, but their gorgeous studios start at $205;

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​​The Asbury, Asbury Park, NJ

This seaside city was home to a renowned list of music clubs like The Stone Pony, Wonder Bar, and Asbury Lanes, and Bruce Springsteen named an entire album after it. At Asbury Park's first new hotel to open in more than 50 years, the owners stocked a full vinyl library, where guests can flip through stacks and then play their favorites right in the lobby.

Room rates: Starting at $125;

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​The Redbury, South Beach, Miami, FL

Each of the 69 guestrooms in this boutique hotel features a record player with an eclectic vinyl collection curated by Capitol Records. The best part? You can take it with you. Everything's available to purchase.

Room rates: Starting at $179;

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​Hotel Commonwealth, Boston, MA

Boston's most famous, gritty underground music club the Rathskeller was lovingly known as "The Rat." The Commonwealth pays homage with The Rathskeller Suite, stocked with musical paraphernalia—from a bass belonging to Ken Casey of the Dropkick Murphys to a trademark, Mighty Mighty Bosstones plaid jacket. There's a record player and collection of vinyl of Rat artists like The Police, R.E.M., and the Talking Heads.

Room rates: $259 per night; $469 for the Rathskeller Suite;

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The Goodland, Santa Barbara, CA

The Goodland Hotel—opened in 2014— offers not only a retro Crosley record player in every guest room, but also a recently opened a VNYL record shop in the lobby. The vinyl collection is curated by the hotel's Record Concierge Lea Sindija. Guests are able to borrow records for use in the shop or in-room, or can purchase one for the road.

Room rates: Starting at $143 per night;

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