Wake Up!

When you're visiting a new place, every minute is precious! Check out these travel alarm clocks to make sure you never sleep through a day away from home.

Who doesn't love to sleep in on vacation? You totally deserve it. But if you have a busy morning planned or a flight home to catch, you want to make sure that your morning is drama-free. Don't dilly-dally; find your morning travel solution below! And, yes, we know literally everyone has a phone with an alarm clock, but these pocket-sized travel alarm clocks will keep you from looking at your screen before bed or first thing in the morning (which some studies suggest keeps you from getting all the restful sleep you want on vacation). Also, they just look cool.

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This classic folding design never goes out of style! Sleek and compact, this clock is easy to throw in your bag.

Iron Clad Square Folded Travel Alarm Clock Elite by Bai Designs, $50, houzz.com.
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Like the 1960s vibe you're getting from this clock? Take it with you on a trip to Woodstock for full effect.

Analog Ascending Travel Alarm Clock, $16, conair.com.
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Refined and elegant, you can't go wrong with this staple. Bonus: the second hand is totally silent, so you sleep soundly until it's time to get up!

Silver Square Alarm Clock by Seiko, $26, jet.com.
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The perfect alarm clock to go with your set of vintage travel trunks. Hit the road with the old-school style you've always wanted!

Travel Alarm Clock by Bulova, $35, vermontcountrystore.com.
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Design, meet technology. This convenient little clock snoozes its alarm when you wave at it.

The Reflex Travel Alarm Clock by Braun, $50, flight001.com.
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Vintage inspired, but modern enough to have a backlight and a snooze button. This charming clock plugs in at home and uses batteries when you're on the road. How convenient!

Moon Beam Alarm Clock, $50, llbean.com.
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Who says a beautifully crafted wooden clock can't be portable? This design from Lemnos proves that you can have it all.

Muku Table Clock in Beech by Lemnos, $60, burkedecor.com.
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Ever want one of those lights that you could turn on by clapping your hands? Now is your chance! This clock looks like an ordinary (but beautiful) box, until you clap and the time glows red.

Alarm Clock Wood Cube in Dark, $30, kikkerland.com.
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This little cloud is just as discreet as the wood cube, and you can choose to control it with either your voice or your hands. Bring it with you on your next trip, or hang it on your wall at home! Either way, it will look adorable.

Cloud Alarm Clock, $28, infmetry.com.
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This simple but beautiful design is making a strong case for asking our cell phones to give our bedside table a little more space—who needs an alarm app when you have the real thing?

AC01 Alarm Clock by Jasper Morrison, $179, punkt.ch.
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