The Most Photogenic Foliage in the World

Visit these breathtaking sites and come back with the most festive snap story ever.

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Pure Gold

The Plant: Ginkgo Tree

What to Expect: The Ginkgo's fan-like leaves turn a rich yellow, providing the illusion of a thick gold carpet under the tree as they fall away.

Best Viewed From: Ginkgo Avenue in Beijing, China

The Plant: Hickory Tree

What to Expect: The round and narrow leaves of the Hickory tree go from a rich green to a bright chartreuse. Bonus: Some hickory trees produce edible nuts that can be baked into delicious pies!

Best Viewed From: Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee and North Carolina

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The Plant: Balsam Poplar

What to Expect: This tree has wide, rounded leaves that turn bright gold and fall off quickly once the tree begins to shed. 

Best Viewed From: Tetsa River Valley in British Columbia, Canada

The Plant: Birch Tree
What to Expect: The Birch tree's white bark is beautiful all year, but the leaves are most stunning when they turn canary yellow and slide off their branches.

Best Viewed From: Denali National Park in Alaska

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Fiery Red

The Plant: American Smoketree

What to Expect: If your timing is right, you'll see a whole spectrum of color in these leaves, from kelly green to chartreuse, gold, orange, and brilliant red.

Best Viewed From: The Ozark Mountains in Missouri and Arkansas

The Plant: Japanese Maple

What to Expect: Some of the most brilliant shades of red you've ever encountered, and a classic maple leaf shape with a jagged edge.

Best Viewed From: Nara, Japan

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The Plant: Blueberry Bush

What to Expect: A rapid transition to very rich red leaves, to the point of having deep burgundy hues.

Best Viewed From: Cherryfield, Maine

Festive Orange

The Plant: Norway Maple

What to Expect: Leaves in milder orange hues that border upon yellow, with the classic maple silhouette.

Best Viewed From: Norway, naturally. The trees are found all around their native country, but look particularly beautiful in scenic areas like Semsvannet, in the town of Asker.

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The Plant: Sugar Maple

What to Expect: Bright orange hues that border on red, often displaying a broad range of shades within the very same tree.
Best Viewed From: Adirondack Mountains in New York

The Plant: Black Tupelo

What to Expect: Round leaves with a sheen that transition from opaque green to warm yellow-orange.

Best Viewed From: Sussex, England

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