The Travel Cure

No matter what's bugging you, we've got just the trip to send your ailments packing.

Stuck in a rut? Suffering from ennui, or just the slightest bit of narcissism? Sounds like you need a vacation.

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Overrun with Anxiety?

It's time to head to the Golden State. Get your "om" on at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa in Ojai, California, and indulge in a week of lounging by the pool while surrounded by the stunning Topatopa mountains. (We recommend springing for a private cabana at the serene Indigo pool and bar.) When you need a break from all that fresh air, schedule an appointment for the hotel's exclusive Kuyam mud treatment. This signature treatment takes place in a warm, mosaic-covered chamber, where you'll be coated in three different types of cleansing clay and led through a relaxing guided meditation. After that, you'll be more than ready for the evening's moonlight yoga session.

Ojai Valley Inn and Spa, from $329 per night,

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Suffering from Writer's Block?

Tuck into the cabin by Walter De Maria's The Lightning Field. A daring work of public art, this field in New Mexico is dotted with steel poles to attract lightning during thunderstorms, and word has it that The Lightning Field served as inspiration for Cormac McCarthy when he was writing the epilogue for Blood Meridian. Made up of 400 poles arranged in a square-mile grid, the lightning field offers plenty of open space for you to wander and search for inspiration. Later, at night, as you watch the lightning strike, strokes of literary genius are sure to follow. (Let us know when it's time to pre-order your book on Amazon.)

Cabin at the Lightning Field, from $150 per person,

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Lack of Vitamin D Got You Down?

Head to the City of Light, where the joie de vivre is infectious. Stay at the Hotel Konfidentiel Paris, where you'll wake up every morning bathed in the golden glow reflected off the Seine. Be sure to book a photo facial at Pure Therapie: 30 minutes of light beams directed at your face will leave you with an even complexion and—bonus!—a mood boost. And don't miss the nightly light show at the Eiffel Tower; it's one of those bucket list clichés that totally lives up to the hype.

Hotel Konfidentiel, from $251 per night,

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Acting Like a Narcissist?

Head to Tokyo, a city so crowded it's guaranteed to tame your self-perception. Inhabited by more than 13 million people, it's virtually impossible not to get out of your own head and realize just how many other human beings are doing interesting things out there. Book a room at the Capsule Hotel, where you'll sleep, sardine-like, in a slim pod stacked among other sleepers. Next, take in the morning rush at Shinjuku station, the world's busiest subway station, where your inflated ego will be squished down to size by the overwhelming mob of commuters.

Shinjuku Capsule Hotel, from $38 per night,

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Does Your S.O. Love its Phone More Than You?

Book a trip to the Hotel Aiguaclara in Begur, Spain. Originally built in 1866, this colonial-style mansion has been transformed into a charming B&B where, upon entering your suite, you'll be greeted by your favorite song on the speakers and a bottle of cava on the bedside table. Wake up in a quaint, sunshine-filled bedroom, then brunch among your fellow travelers in the outdoor eating space peppered with vintage curiosities and heart-shaped tchotchkes. Make your way through the lost-in-time town to one of the eight local coves and beaches. After a few days spent canoodling on some of the most secluded beaches in all of Spain, there's no way your relationship won't be back on track.

Hotel Aiguaclara, from $103 per night,

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