Cuteness to (the) Rescue!

Somebody had to scour the planet for the most wonderful, adoptable animals around! You're welcome.

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We know the feeling: every day after lunch, you find yourself visiting various pet adoption websites, imagining what it might be like to get up, go outside, and play a game of fetch, or have a friendly feline curled up next to you while you watch Silicon Valley.

Well, the time for hesitation is over! We here at Sweet can attest to the joys that having an animal can bring to your life. And not only will a dog, cat, goat, or what have you, bring you all manner of glee—you'll also be giving a home to an animal in need. It's truly a win-win situation if we've ever come across one.

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From beloved French film star Brigitte Bardot's foundation in Paris to a New York organization looking to restore the Pit Bull Terrier's good name to a Thai foundation working to help the countless dogs that get abandoned at temples country-wide, we tracked down a handful of the many good people out there dedicating their lives to animal welfare.

Here, 11 animals you can rescue right now, from a bunch of agencies doing great work all around the world.

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Shelter: Care for Dogs

City: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Age: Unknown

Note From the Shelter: Donna is known around the shelter as "a very nurturing mother figure."


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Shelter: Austin Pets Alive!

City: Austin, Texas

Age: 3

Note From the Shelter: "The minute you look at her, she starts purring."


Shelter: Best Friends Sanctuary

City: Kanab, Utah

Age: 6

Note From the Shelter: "Monty loves to pal around with his goat buddy, Phil. One of their favorite activities, besides leaping and playing with each other, is to balance along a wall-side rail no wider than their hooves!"


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Shelter: Out of the Pits

City: Albany, NY

Age: 2 months

Note From the Shelter: Bentley "loves to give tons of kisses."


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Shelter: Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

City: Singapore

Age: 3 years, 9 months

Note From the Shelter: "Yora is afraid of loud noises and thunderstorms, but has been working on it and is no longer fazed by big trucks."


Shelter: No-Kill Los Angeles

City: Los Angeles, CA

Age: 10 years, 5 months

Note From the Shelter: (The bow tie speaks for itself.)


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Shelter: Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals

City: Giza, Egypt

Age: 3-4 years old

Note From the Shelter: Mummy is widely known to be "very lovely with people."


Shelter: Desi Dog Adoption

City: New Delhi, India

Age: 3 ½

Note From the Shelter: Raj is "a one-man dog, and shows his loyalty with enthusiasm."


Shelter: Paws Patas

City: Almería, Spain

Age: 3

Note From the Shelter: Olivia "loves to be cuddled by anyone who goes into her pen."


Shelter: Brigitte Bardot Foundation

City: Paris, France

Age: 9

Note From the Shelter: Mirza comes from the foundation started by legendary French actress Brigitte Bardot—and you can tell her fabulous roots with just one look at her.


Shelter: SA Dog Rescue

City: Adelaide, South Australia

Age: 10 months

Note From the Shelter: Kramer is "a friendly and loving boy."

Can't adopt an animal right now? No worries! You can still volunteer at a local animal shelter, and even foster an animal for a while. For a list of shelters in your area, see

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