Although the destinations and your traveling companions may vary, the best vacations are usually composed of a few components: beautiful scenery (whether it's city, mountains, or beach), great local food, an adventure or two, and, of course, lots and lots of total relaxation. Throw all of these elements together, and you've got the recipe for a serious burst of inspiration.

Rather than just flooding your Instagram feed with your #travelporn, make something beautiful on vacation in one of a crop of hotels who offer all you need to do just that. From swanky in-house recording studios to printmaking classes to ceramics workshops, these artsy hubs complement an itinerary filled with the typical tourist stuff. After all, who's to say you can't hit up the Parthenon and create your own Grecian-inspired pottery on the same day? Check out five of our favorite spots to rouse up your creative spirit.

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Maderas Village, Playa Maderas, Nicaragua

Just 20 minutes north of the popular tourist destination San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua's Playa Maderas is home to one of the country's best surf beaches. Given the picturesque surroundings—which include white-tipped waves, orange sunsets, and plenty of wildlife—the setting is enough to make all visitors feel inspired. Fortunately, the nearby boutique hotel Maderas Village provides ample opportunity to express that creative energy.

Since 2011, this coastal ecolodge (propped in the forest, a five-minute walk from the ocean) has served as a laid-back clubhouse for artists from all over the world. In the past this meant informal jam sessions among guests, but recently founders Dave Grossman and Matt "Dickie" Dickinson have made an effort to transform Maderas Village into a new kind of musical hub. Last year, they built a recording studio for touring artists that includes a live room, control room, bedroom, and musicians' lounge. The hotel plans to build a darkroom and art studio over the coming months.

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Brody House, Budapest, Hungary

This 19th-century mansion was once the residence of the Hungarian prime minister. Brody House has since evolved into a boutique hotel that's part gallery and part art studio. For locals, it's a private club with an invite-only membership process and plenty of private concerts, exhibitions, and events (think of it as the Hungarian answer to SoHo House).

However, those visiting Budapest can stay in one of 11 rooms, many of which were formerly art studios. The residences are each named after the artist who worked there, including Etienne Claret de Fleurieu and Australian sculptor Bo Droga, and come decorated with various works from the artists who inspired each suite. Guests can also take advantage of the Brody ArtYard, the hotel's in-house print studio (which conducts workshops), and visiting art exhibitions.

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Elakati, Rhodes, Greece

Sure, most people consider a quick trip to the Parthenon or other ancient ruins enough to satisfy the history requirements of a Greece vacation. But for those looking to get in touch with the country's creative side, Elakati offers two unique portals into Greek culture: ceramics and cooking.

The Elakati, on the island of Rhodes (the largest of the Dodecanese Islands), features free pottery classes for guests. The ceramics workshops are taught by a local Rhodes artisan, who not only shows participants how to craft their own bowls and plates but also gives a lesson on just how much ceramics play into Greek culture (a very large amount). And if you want to learn how to make an amazing Greek meal at home, Elakati also offers classes on Greek cuisine.

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Belmond, Deià, Mallorca, Spain

Nestled among the citrus trees in the artsy Spanish community of Deià, the Belmond offers guests a reprieve from offices, laptop screens, and crowded daily commutes. In fact, this Mallorca luxury resort even goes so far as to call itself "your revenge on everyday life."

The cluster of buildings consists of a 14th-century watchtower and two Spanish houses from the 15th and 16th centuries, all constructed in traditional Mallorcan architectural style. Thanks to 800 pieces of original artwork peppered throughout the hotel, there's enough inspiration here for anyone to tap into their artistic side—and the hotel employs a resident artist as well as an in-house sculptor to help channel creativity.

Along with the workshops for guests, the hotel also hosts public exhibitions year-round. This fall saw a monthlong exhibition of engravings by the late Spanish painter, sculptor, and ceramist Joan Miró (the sculpture garden also contains one of his works). Consider your daily routine warned.

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Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, Canada

Toronto's West Queen West neighborhood just might have bragging rights as the hottest neighborhood for young artists in North America. Along with indie boutiques, cozy cafes, and colorful murals, the area's 1¼-mile commercial strip boasts the largest concentration of art galleries anywhere in the city.

Right in the middle of it all is the Gladstone Hotel. But for those who do want to get some shut-eye, each of the 37 rooms in this 19th-century Victorian building were individually designed by local artists. From the cloud-inspired "Skygazer" suite, to the "Teen Queen," which is modeled after a early-2000s teenage bedroom, this is room decor you won't find anywhere else—especially not at your traditional art gallery.

The building also hosts hundreds of exhibitions and performances of artists, designers, and musicians each year (such as the experimental illustration show, If Walls Could Talk). Finally, if you'd rather go beyond glancing at the art and want to make it yourself, the hotel offers classes in life drawing, friendship bracelet-making, and belly dancing.

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