Portland Band Grandparents Loves the '90s

Here's why.

The members of Portland six-piece Grandparents were just infants in 1990—which means they barely experienced the decade firsthand—but thanks to their infectious psych-rock sound and perfectly grungy style, you'd never know it.

The band sports its tie-dyed T-shirts, five-panel caps, combat boots, and baggy denim (or ripped fishnet tights, in the case of lead singer Allison Faris) with pride, especially while they're running around onstage belting tunes like the jangly "Yyoouu" or the awesomely spacey "Blue River." Given their love for all things '90s, the Oregon-bred musicians are self-proclaimed experts on all of the throwback spots Portland has to offer. Just in time for the release of their debut album, Sincerely Bagman, (out now on Strange Light Records), we asked band member Ben Johnson to reveal the best places to roller-skate, grab drinks, and get weird, Portland-style.

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Oaks Amusement Park and Roller-Skating Rink

"This is Portland's version of an amusement park. Yeah, it's seen better days, but the carnies still bump TLC, and you can skate the pain away all night."

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Colonel Summers Park

"This has become a melting pot of Portland culture. On a warm day, you might see sun-dappled homeless people lounging next to picnicking families, while groups of drunken bicyclists play wall ball on the tennis court, and gaggles of hippies juggle fire and pretend to joust."

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"This movie theater is truly magical. For just a few bucks, you can drink whiskey in the back row and watch The Mummy. Plus, the popcorn is chill, and the candy selection is on point."

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"The bins are where everything that won't sell at all the Goodwill stores accumulates. You can claw your way through hundreds of pounds of clothes in a day, and also sort through Portland's vast supply of random old junk."

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King Burrito

"From the faded yellow newspaper hanging on the wall, to the dingy Astroturf carpet, this burrito spot has managed to stay the same even as everything around it has changed so drastically. King Burrito is the little food cart that could, and they they still serve up the best burritos in town."

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My Father's Place

"This is a snapshot of how weird Portland used to be. Let's say it's 7 a.m., and all you want is a shot of whiskey, some hash browns, and a few rounds of Metallica pinball to soothe your soul. Look no further: My Father's Place has you covered."

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