The Coolest Space-Saving Travel Products

The cofounders of the Amazon-curating website Canopy have tracked down the perfect items to reduce your load and help minimize stress. See their picks below!

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Everyday Fine Toothed Wallet Comb by GoComb, $14,

Tame flyaways with this fine-toothed comb that slips right into your wallet. It's designed to be slim enough to fit in a credit card slot without scratching all of your other cards.

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Hero Session 4 by GoPro, $215,

Capture your entire trip (even the underwater moments!) with one of the smallest professional-quality cameras around. A single button powers on the camera and starts recording—just click and capture.

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Branch 3-Way Headphone Splitter by Kikkerland, $12,

This headphone splitter lets you share your music or in-flight movie with your friends. Plug in up to three sets of headphones, sit back, and enjoy the flight.

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Mobile Dock and Battery Charger by Nuans, $50,

This gadget places your phone at the perfect viewing angle on those unfriendly airplane tray tables. With this rolldock, you can charge your Apple device up to one and a half times while on the go.

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Gobites Trio by HumanGear, $12,

Tackle just about any travel meal with this full-size fork, spoon, and knife, all contained within an exceptionally slim, beautiful case. To round out the set, this trio also includes a metal bottle opener and toothpick to keep your smile food-free.

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QuietComfort Acoustic Noise-Cancelling Headphones by Bose, $300,

Drown out background noise with these beautiful headphones featuring a soft, comfortable headband, and earcups that pivot and fold into a lightweight travel case.

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PlugBug World All-In-One Adapter by Twelve South, $45,

The PlugBug is a hybrid device that can quickly recharge any iOS device while simultaneously charging a laptop. Its five different attachments make it functional all around the world, at any outlet you might encounter on your journey.

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Smart Carry-On Luggage by Bluesmart, $450,

Stay connected with this innovative piece of carry-on luggage. It has a built-in charging station, location-tracking capabilities, easily accessible device-protection pockets, and a digitally controlled, TSA-approved lock.

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Portable Roll-Up Travel Bag by Rolo Adventures, $47,

Pack four days' worth of shirts, pants, underwear, and socks into this bag—then roll it up to compress it all down to size. The result will be a bag that's compact enough to throw inside a larger suitcase, or to simply toss into an overhead compartment on its own.

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Grid-It Organizer by Cocoon, $17,

Keep cameras, iPods, cables, and other personal items in place with the unique weave of rubberized elastic bands featured in the Grid-It organizer. This compact unit is small enough to fit in a purse, and can be repurposed for organizing backpacks, briefcases, and desk compartments.

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