Into the Woods

This new line shows you how to keep things cooking long after the campfire goes out.

REI has been gearing up outdoors enthusiasts since 1938, and with its new line, Evrgrn, the company has set its sights on the social side of camping. Almost entirely purged of vowels, but happily composed of many well-designed products, Evrgrn is meant to make spontaneous camping trips easy and accessible, and, with it, REI clearly have designs to encourage partygoers to take the action out of their house and into the great outdoors. Here, five of our favorites pieces from the new collection.

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Lowboy Lantern, $30

Tasteful lighting is important for any party, but it takes on a practical role out in nature—no one wants a cricket in their s'more, after all. This twist-on lantern makes it simple to set the mood, complete with a rotating dimmer so you can adjust the vibe as the night goes on.

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Picnic Table, $70

Sitting around the fire is a highlight of camping, to be sure, but sitting around a fold-up picnic table? It's a close second.

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Last Call Flask, $25

One thing you always want to have on hand on a cold winter's night is something hot to drink—and this stainless steel flask will ensure your beverages, whatever they may contain, stay warm for the duration.

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Evrgrn Campfire Rocker, $99

Who could possibly say no to a portable rocking chair? Not us, that's for sure.

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Crash Sack, $119

The aptly named Crash Sack may very well be the line's piece de resistance, designed to allow you to bring the comfiness of your sleeping bag to the party. Use the clips at the bottom of the bag to free up some walking flexibility, and settle in for a long winter evening.

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