Flight of Fancy

Emirates' first-class cabin combines the opulence of a hotel with the convenience of air travel. Yes please.

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A peek into one of Emirates's first-class private suites.
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Ambient lighting, private cinema, canapés, and cocktails—if it weren't for the altitude pressure, you probably wouldn't even know you were on a plane. In the surreal world that is Emirates' first-class cabin, seats recline completely flat (naturally—but with these, actual mattresses are included), food is served à la carte, and when the seatbelt sign turns off, everyone gathers around the bar. Yes, bar.

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Each seat is located within its own private suite, with doors that close so you can have complete solitude during your flight, whether you choose to catch up on the latest movies or sleep the entire way. Within your suite is a personal mini-bar, a vanity table, and a mirror—so you can freshen up mid-flight with a cool drink and the contents of your Bulgari overnight bag. 

And when the seatbelt sign turns off, everyone gathers around the bar. Yes, bar.

A lighting design on the cabin wall of the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai.

Make sure you board hungry! Fun fact: you lose about 30% sensitivity of your taste buds at 30,000 feet, so preparing flavorful airplane food is no easy task. But Emirates chefs use fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create regionally inspired dishes—a concept which is all relative, of course, when you're on an airplane. So on the Brisbane-to-Singapore flight, for example, you might find yourself dining on Asian-inspired braised beef rib and stir-fried lobster in black bean sauce. Top it off with a fine wine chosen by Emirates sommeliers, and you've got yourself a square meal.

Emirates's on-board shower spa.

Perhaps the best perk of all, however, is the shower spa: Bulgari toiletries and their signature Timeless Spa products at your disposal, of course. Travelling is when one feels most bedraggled, so the opportunity for a rinse on a long plane ride is heavenly. With so many options on board, just make sure you plan your time wisely.

Have a nice flight.

For more details, visit emirates.com.

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