7 New Songs to Stream All Weekend Long

Another seven reasons to love Spotify.

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"We Could Be More" (Cyril Hahn remix ft. Dawn Richard) by Star Slinger

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Star Slinger's newest single is made for cathartic dancing in the wee hours of the morning. Old-school techno meets new-school production for an undeniably lovable pop jam that just can't go unnoticed.

"Break Apart" by Bonobo, Rhye

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Bonobo's upcoming album, Migration, seems to be a true collaborative effort, featuring tracks with Hundred Waters' Nicole Miglis, Nick Murphy (formerly known as Chet Faker), and Innov Gnawa, as well as this one with Rhye. Haunting and misty, he sings here of the regrets he harbors about a broken relationship: "You're my favorite," he says over a bittersweet harp and piano melody, "but we're phasing."

"Do You Still Love Me?" by Ryan Adams

We're going to go ahead and assume that this song is about Adams's ex-wife, Mandy Moore. "I been thinking about you, baby / You've been on my mind / Why can't I feel your love? / My heart must be blind." Adams sounds less like his normal self and more like a stadium rocker from the '90s. And we're not mad at that.

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"My Number" by Major Lazer, Bad Royale

We've found it: the track that we'll be blasting when Seasonal Affective Disorder is at its very worst. When it's been snowing and frigid out for three months straight and we think we just can't take it anymore, you can rest assured this will be playing at least once a day. Tropical and sunny in the beginning, with a bizarre banger of an ending (it's probably the happiest that "You're gonna die!" has ever sounded), it makes for one great escape.

"Sad" by Kodie Shane, Lil Yachty

And for those days when we want to dwell in our Seasonal Affective Disorder feels? This one's our soundtrack. "I just wanna be sad," croons Kodie, "I just wanna be sad for a minute." It's a lament about a breakup so fresh that you don't even want to leave the house. "Lookin' at my phone / wishin' that you'd call me." Here's hoping Kodie's next single is about her getting her groove back and signing up for Tinder.

"Turn Into" by Jay Som

Reverb-y guitars and gentle drums back Jay Som's hazy, dulcet lyrics about high hopes wasted. Tranquil and lovely, the title track from her newest album is the sonic equivalent of that lovely, elusive state between waking and dreaming. We love it so much, we just don't want to get out of bed.

"Double Feature" by The Orwells

In a world dominated by electronic music, The Orwells' rock sound is a refreshing change of pace. The single off of the quintet's upcoming album, Terrible Human Beings, is seven minutes of gritty, noise-ridden heaven.

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