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It's called "Oh Boy," and it features a guy interviewing awesome women—and it's brought to you by one of the funniest people on the internet.

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When Leandra Medine, the founder of the blog-turned-media-brand Man Repeller, got into the podcast game, she did it with guts. (Now more than 30 episodes in, her Monocycle show has covered topics like artistic burn out and trying to get pregnant in an impressively personal way.) A few months before launching Monocycle, Medine also launched another podcast, called Oh Boy, with her friend and frequent collaborator, the filmmaker Jay Buim

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Listen to a clip from the latest episode of "Oh Boy."

On the show, Buim has talked to all kinds of cool, interesting women, from Alexa Chung to Jenny Rogien, the costume designer behind shows like Orange Is the New Black and Girls, all of whom share nuggets of wisdom about how they got where they are and personal stories that you won't find in an official bio. Today, though, sees the premiere of an extra-special episode of the podcast, because today, an interview with one of the most important figures in feminism—Gloria Steinem!—is debuting. And we have an exclusive preview of it right here. Just tap the video above to listen, then head to manrepeller.com or the iTunes store to listen to the whole thing.

Oh, and another thing: Man Repeller sells hats now. And they're really good.

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