The Next Wave of Internet Animals to Follow on Instagram Right Now

You may be a Jiff Pom die-hard, or a Lil' Bub fanatic, but have you met baby Nicole the tiger? How about Darren and Phillip the pitbulls? No? Read on. You'll thank us later.

People are fine. Famous people are OK. But animals? Animals are the best. Who needs 100 sunset pictures and GIFs of humans jumping up and down when you can scroll through images of raccoons that wash dishes, cats that sleep on their backs, and lions that are BFFs with tigers? Not you, that's for sure! Let us introduce you to the most entertaining, cutest, loveable animals to follow on Instagram.

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Who: Juniper the Fox

Why: Juniper is living her best life. This fox is constantly smiling, is best friends with a dog, and loves a good nature walk. Just try not to smile when you look at her.

Handle: @juniperfoxx

Who: Wally the Rabbit

Why: This is the oddest rabbit you might ever see. He is also one of the cutest animals on Instagram. He wears many hats (literally), and also is the world's best bunny yoga practitioner—you have to see it to believe it.

Handle: @wally_and_molly

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Who: Darren and Phillip the Pitbulls

Why: These pups may look innocent, but they can get into some seriously funny trouble, which usually ends in a group nap session. If you ask us, that is more than enough reason to follow along.

Handle: @the_blueboys

Who: Hodge Huffington the Hedgehog

Why: Have you ever seen a hedgehog smile? Hodge loves to smile. Hodge also likes to sit in things like ice cream cones, watermelons, and tea cups. Just click "Follow," and never look back.

Handle: @huffthehedgehog

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Who: Sir Thomas Pounce

Why: Gotta be honest here, Sir Thomas belongs to the author of this post. But before you ignore this feat of shameless self promotion, consider the fact that Thomas sleeps on his back, has a penchant for avocados (and fridges), and recently accepted his new kitten housemate, Willow, as an acceptable friend.

Handle: @sirthomaspounce

Who: Geordi La Corgi the Corgi

Why: Have you ever watched a corgi run away from you in slow motion, its fluffy pantaloon legs flowing in the wind? Well, it's about time you did!

Handle: @lacorgi

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Who: The Wolf Gang

Why: What happens when you live in a house with 10 senior dogs, a bunch of birds, and a large pig named Bikini? More coordinated photoshoots than you ever would think possible with so many animals. But hey, we're not complaining.

Handle: @wolfhang2242

Who: Pumpkin the Raccoon

Why: This raccoon swims, sits like a human, snuggles with her dog friends, and enjoys getting up to mischief. Enough said.

Handle: @pumpkintheraccoon

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Who: Harlow, Sage, Indiana, & Reese

Why: If your dreams are filled with four dogs that just snuggle all day long, your dreams have come true. These pups are the snuggliest of them all.

Handle: @harlowandsage

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