How to Make Your Pet a Social Media Star

Every pet is a celebrity at home. Here's how to take Fido's star power worldwide.

Above, you'll see my beloved cat, Cindy Marie Sherman. Together, we're taking on the world of social media in effort to see Cindy's name in lights. Snapchat and Instagram are super-accessible ways to start your pet's career from home! Just look at Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub—they are rolling in catnip thanks to the excellent social media strategy of their humans.

Together, we can ascend to the stars with the following six tips.

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1 Ensure Your Pet Can Handle the Celebrity Life

Cleo the bunny, a 21st-century foodie. Image courtesy of @cleo_thebunny/Instagram

Just like a person, not every house pet has what it takes to become an A-list superstar. Every pet is valuable, beautiful, cherished, and worthy of love—but not all are built for a life in the limelight. Endless media scrutiny, a lack of privacy, and the pressures of being a public figure can take its toll on even the most resilient of pets. It's important to make sure you discuss the decision to pursue fame thoroughly with your animal before making any big decisions.

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2 Define Your Pet's Personal Brand

Very fancy. Image courtesy of @thegreatuzi/Instagram

No one knows your best friend better than you, so find a unique aspect of their persona that makes them truly shine. Are they particularly fashionable? Do they know sick tricks?  Maybe their cuddle positions are simply to die for? Find a gimmick and stick with it. Consistency is crucial when building a furry social media empire.

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3 Take Their Pictures From Basic to Glamorous

Those eyes; that depth of field. Image courtesy of @exoticherman/Instagram

Sure, our smartphones take fine pictures, but if you really want to take your pet's imagery to the next level, you should invest in a better camera. (Have you ever tried to take a picture of a moving cat with an iPhone? Yeah, doesn't always work out so well.) You'll need a camera with a fast shutter speed to ensure that you freeze every adorable performance. Your pet's adoring fan base will notice the difference when you do. If you don't have the means to acquire a better camera, distract from image quality with extra cute (still) pics.  

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4 Hashtag Strategy

#lookatherface. Image courtesy of @tibbythecorgi/Instagram

Once you feel comfortable with your animal's striking web presence, build an audience by including appropriate hashtags in the description or comment section of your posts. Check out the tags other famous pets are using (I like  #catlife, #dailyfluff, and #kittensofinstagram) and add a few popular tags that reflect your unique pet to gain followers.

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5 Follow Other Pet Accounts

We can all learn a thing or two from Princess Monster Truck. Image courtesy of @princessmonstertruck/Instagram

As with the pursuit of any level of fame, networking is key. Follow and actively engage with other accounts—remember, your pet will only ever be as famous as their most famous friend. Why else do you think Princess Monster Truck (@princessmonstertruck) follows Lil Bub (@iamlilbub) on Instagram? By the way, Princess Monster Truck is not following Grumpy Cat (@realgrumpycat). Is that shade? Could there be a feud? You heard it here first.

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6 Stay Humble

It's not all glamour. Image courtesy of @Cakes1toDough1/Snapchat

The most important part of realizing your pet's dreams of social media stardom is the fun that you'll have together along the way! You love your pet and they love you, and that is greater than the temporary high of fame. Let your furry friend's account be an outlet for creativity and humor that brings joy to you and those around you. At the end of the day, every pet is a superstar (but especially yours, right?).

Think your pet's ready for fame? Snap pictures of your pets to @ryanduffin and I'll send extra tips and feedback, like Mariah Carey on American Idol. And follow my cat at @realcindysherman on IG!

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