Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt Get Freaky In Zero Gs

It could be the biggest movie of the year...

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Here's the mix for the perfect blockbuster: Take a $120 million budget, add two stars who are seemingly unstoppable, find a cute and quirky robot for comic relief, throw in a sex scene that forced Jennifer Lawrence to get wasted afterward because it was so weird (her words, not ours), and release it during the holiday season.

Passengers is the most anticipated film of the year—well, apart from Rogue One—and the just-released trailer proves that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt can find love in a hopeless place: space.

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are in love, which is clear because they are both sweaty.
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The film finds Lawrence and Pratt stranded on a high-tech space station 90 years before they are supposed to reach their destination, and, of course, being two of the best-looking people in the galaxy, they fall in love. Yet, if we have learned anything from the myriad space movies of the past few years (Gravity, Interstellar, The Martian), you don't go into the wild black yonder without disaster.

Jennifer Lawrence: Asleep for 50-plus years, still has perfect highlights.

But, as the old saying goes: If the two most likable people in Hollywood can't make it work in outer space while careening out of control on a very expensive spaceship, then there is no hope for intergalactic travel for any of us. Also, love. No hope for love either.

Passengers hits theaters December 21.

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