Jared Leto Is Going to Play Andy Warhol!

Here's why that's going to be incredible / really terrible.

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Jared Leto is a method actor. Jared Leto lives his art. When Jared Leto is preparing for a role, Jared Leto is no longer Jared Leto. He's the Joker, a terrifying gangster. He's Rayon, a trans woman. When castmates talk to the press about about shooting with Jared Leto, they say things like, "I never really met Jared Leto."

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Andy Warhol spent his entire career performing the role of Andy Warhol. He hid behind wigs, sunglasses, a shy, quiet voice. How much did a collaborator ever really know Andy Warhol? How much does a collaborator ever really know Jared Leto?

Sweet, brilliant Andy. The rest were just imitators. Photograph courtesy of Getty Images
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Jared Leto and Andy Warhol both know that blonds have more fun. Jared Leto has been blond many times. Sometimes Jared Leto's blond hair is short; sometimes Jared Leto's blond hair is long. Jared Leto's blond has been brassy, but Jared Leto's blond has also been ice white. Andy Warhol was probably naturally a dirty blond. Later in life, Andy Warhol was fifty shades of blond.

Jared Leto the method actor stayed in character on the set of the Dallas Buyers Club as Rayon, an HIV-positive transgender woman. Jared Leto wore women's clothing, affected a new manner of speaking and moving. Then, Jared Leto collected his paycheck and went back to being Jared Leto. Andy Warhol shot self-portraits wearing curly, bob wigs, heavy lipstick, and rouged cheeks. The BBC says, "Some think he was exploring his feminine side. [His friend and collaborator Christopher] Makos thinks he was stepping into the characters of the rich female collectors who paid $25,000 a time to commission a portrait from Warhol."

Jared Leto playing Andy Warhol in a film produced by Jared Leto—exciting new biopic, or ego inflation? Photograph courtesy of Getty Images

In 1967, Andy Warhol told an interviewer, "If you want to know all about Andy Warhol, just look at the surface: of my paintings and films and me, and there I am. There's nothing behind it."

If you want to know all about Jared Leto, do you just need to look at the surface of Jared Leto? Is there any Jared Leto behind Jared Leto?

The upcoming film will be based on the 1989 book Warhol: The Biography, and directed by Terence Winter, of Boardwalk Empire and Wolf of Wall Street. (It will be a while until we have a release date—don't start refreshing your Fandango app just yet.)

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