There's One Reason You Should See The Girl on the Train

And That One Reason Is Emily Blunt

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Snap Decision: Girl on the Train

30-Second Synopsis: This adaptation follows Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt)—a girl on the train with a drinking problem—who sees a woman, Megan Hipwell, standing on a porch every morning and night during her commute. When Megan goes missing, we learn more about why Rachel is obsessed with Megan, and Rachel then gets entangled in troubling situations that involve her ex-husband and his family, Megan's relationships, and unreliable memories.

The book that started it all.
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Welcome to the Girl Gang: Many people are comparing Girl on the Train to Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl—but is that just because they're both book adaptations with the word "Girl" in the title? If so, let's get The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo over here, too, and why don't we all just go ahead and buy matching leather jackets?

The Answer to the One Question We All Have: Surprisingly, the film is pretty faithful to the book version. There are a few notable revisions, like the fact that it's set in New York while the novel takes place in and around London. The film's screenwriter attributes this change to financial constraints.

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Watch the trailer, get excited.

The One English Thing They Kept: Rachel has a British accent when literally every other character is American, which is interesting.

The Scariest Scene of the Whole Damn Film: Rachel is pretty turned up for the entire film, but there's a part when she goes off in a public bathroom, which involves writing with lipstick on a mirror and a truly breathtaking crying fit. It's great.

Number of Uncanny Jennifer Lawrence Doppelgängers: 1. Haley Bennett is Jennifer Lawrence's long-lost sister.

But seriously, are they related?

Number of Cover-Your-Eyes Moments: 4. Heads will roll, etc.

Number of Bare Butts: At least 3. Just saying.

Go See It If: You read the book and can't help but compare, or if you want to see Emily Blunt in a totally different role than you're used to seeing her in.

The Girl on the Train opens Friday, October 7.

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