The Ultimate Guide To All Things "Gilmore Girls"

Whether you're a show newbie or a longtime resident of Stars Hollow, here's what you need to know about the show so beloved that Netflix was forced to create a sequel.

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Never Seen the Show? Here Are the Basics

These women eat so much junk food that when one of them wants to eat an apple, the other is concerned she may be ill.
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30-Second Overview: Lorelai had a kid at 16 (oops), Rory, and ran away from her wealthy family in Hartford, CT, to a small town. Rory is bound for an Ivy League school, reads every book ever, is generally beloved by the small town, and has amazing skin. Lorelai and Rory talk incredibly fast, dropping dozens of pop culture references per episode. They draw a strange mix of characters to them as they move through the world, causing some trouble along the way.

Many episodes were framed around weekly dinners held at the elder Gilmores' residence, which often devolved into uncomfortable, WASP-y fights.
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It's the Show Women Need Right Now: Sure, there are a lot of skinny scarves, baby doll tees, and a soundtrack of literal la-la-la-ing, but newcomers should not dismiss Gilmore Girls as a seven-season-long chick flick. The strong cast of female leads and supporting characters are some of the smartest, funniest, most ferociously brave women we've seen on TV. Considering the relatively small age gap between them, Lorelai and Rory have a healthy, honest mother-daughter relationship. Lorelai and her own mother, Emily, however, have a far tenser dynamic as they slowly work to rebuild past rifts. As quirky as Gilmore Girls is, the show deftly navigates the nuances of family politics, and the relationships are heartbreaking and realistic.

Lorelai Gilmore Was the Ultimate Low-Key Aughts Style Icon

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Lorelai Gilmore's personal style ran the gamut over Gilmore Girls' seven seasons. Her outfits ranged from the more traditional working-mom-in-Connecticut thing, with turtlenecks, pencil skirts, and leather blazers, to the more youthful "I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom" look of jeans and baby doll tees.

Only in Stars Hollow is a skinny scarf looped around once a sufficient accessory for a snowy day.

What she did to accessorize these outfits, however, is what made Lorelai a fashion legend. To put it simply, Lorelai loved accessories. Like, loved accessories. Whether she wore a hat—any hat! bucket hats, bright hats, knit hats indoors—a bandana, a skinny scarf (oh, the countless skinny scarves), or an endlessly long necklace, Lorelai added a dose of her big personality to every look. But there is one Lorelai-approved accessory we can always get behind: the cup of coffee that never seemed to leave her hands.

Does Lorelai Gilmore know something we don't? Are cutoffs, tie-dyed tees, and cowboy boots the secret to happiness?
Need something to wear while shoveling snow off your car? Reach for a skinny scarf.
Bright hat, matching skinny scarf, can't lose.
The cutesier the T-shirt, the more likely it is that Lorelai would wear it.
A baby doll T-shirt layered over a long-sleeved T-shirt was peak aughts style, and Lorelai was *all about it.*
In the spectrum of Lorelai's weird baby doll tees, this one wasn't really so outlandish. She *loves* The B-52s.
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You'll Have to Pick Your #Team

A past and current Rory love meet (it's not going well).
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Lorelai has her share of suitors, but it's Rory's three main boyfriends who have ignited the biggest debates among viewers. As you've likely gathered from social media, most fans fall into one of three camps: Team Dean, Team Jess, and Team Logan. Each is dreamy in his own way. Each is flawed in his own way. Each shows Rory things about herself she didn't know.

Good first boyfriends go to the dance without complaining and are nice to your snobby private school classmates.

The Guy: Dean

His Signature Look: Floppy hair and a grocery store stock boy apron.

Why You Might Root for Him: Dean is Rory's first boyfriend. Though not particularly ambitious, he's polite and makes for a decent, clean-cut high school sweetheart. He loves that Rory loves books, though he does not love books himself.

Find a guy who takes you to a record shop in the East Village.

The Guy: Jess

His Signature Look: A James Dean moto jacket with a Kerouac-level disregard for authority.

Why You Might Root for Him: Consider Jess the typical bad boy, with an intellectual twist. His voracious reading tendencies help him keep up with Rory, and his rebel-without-a-cause vibe throws just a bit more passion into their relationship.

Of all her dudes, Logan takes the biggest jumping off of elevated platforms while holding an umbrella.

The Guy: Logan

His Signature Look: Trust fund duds and an adventurous streak.

Why You Might Root for Him: OK, Logan seems like the worst at first (after all, he is one spoiled dude), but he never fails to encourage Rory to chase her dreams of being a journalist. He's supportive of Rory's career, and pushes her just a little out of her comfort zone sometimes—in a good way.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life will be available on Netflix starting Friday, November 25th. And if you want to get caught up before then, you're in luck—the show's 7 seasons are now streaming there as well.

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