The 10 Best Holiday Ads of All Time

Forget the Super Bowl—December takes the lead in heartwarming, tear-jerking, side-splitting commercial airtime. These holiday ads showcase the best (and worst) of coming together to celebrate the festive season. Just ignore the fact that they're made to sell you products.

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No. 1: The Ad That Will Give You Gift Envy

The Ad: "Win Christmas"

The Brand: Mulberry

The Year: 2014

The Premise: Watch a well-to-do family try and beat one another at gift-giving. (All hail the matriarchy.)

No. 2: The Ad That Will Make You Rewatch Every Wes Anderson Movie

The Ad: "Come Together"

The Brand: H&M

The Year: 2016

The Premise: Directed by Wes Anderson and starring Adrien Brody, this magical train ride has the American director's signature pastel color palette and eccentric quirkiness we all know and love.

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No. 3: The Ad That Will Remind You to Call Your Grandfather

The Ad: "Man on the Moon"

The Brand: John Lewis

The Year: 2015

The Premise: Featuring an Oasis cover by Norwegian singer-songwriter (and Sweet favorite) Aurora, last year's much-anticipated annual Christmas ad from British department store John Lewis did not disappoint.

No. 4: The Ad That Is Comically Relatable

The Ad: "Sorry, I Spent It on Myself"

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The Brand: Harvey Nichols

The Year: 2013

The Premise: What to give loved ones when you've already spent all your money on...yourself. (It's OK—it happens.) Amazingly, the "Spent It on Myself" line was a real thing, with Harvey Nichols encouraging shoppers to indulge in expensive gifts for themselves.

No. 5: The Ad That Will Make You Hug Your Family Closer

The Ad: "English for Beginners"

The Brand: Allegro

The Year: 2016

The Premise: An elderly Polish man painstakingly teaches himself English. Be patient with the long set-up: the ending is worth it.

No. 6: The Ad That Will Bring a Smile to Your Face and a Tear to Your Eye

The Ad: "Justino"

The Brand: Spanish Lottery

The Year: 2015

The Premise: A security guard working the night shift has a little fun at a mannequin factory. With Pixar-grade graphics, it's the best ad for a lottery we've ever seen.

No. 7: The Ad That Will (Momentarily) Restore Your Faith in Humanity

The Ad: "Christmas Truce of 1914, World War I: Christmas Is for Sharing"

The Brand: Sainsbury's

The Year: 2014

The Premise: Based on the true story of Christmas in 1914, when British and German troops along the Western front put down their guns to play games of soccer, sing carols, and even exchange gifts, this four-minute film feels more like an epic war movie than an ad for a supermarket chain.

No. 8: The Ad That Will Give You Newfound Respect for Mrs. Claus

The Ad: "Christmas With Love From Mrs. Claus"

The Brand: Marks & Spencer

The Year: 2016

The Premise: Find out what Mrs. Claus gets up to as soon as Santa leave the house (hint: a fabulous red trench coat is involved).

No. 9: The Ad That Will Prepare You for Partying

The Ad: "Happy Holidays From Cara"

The Brand: Topshop

The Year: 2014

The Premise: Lots of people get stressed about holiday parties and especially the season's grand, spangly finale—New Year's Eve. Cara reminds us all what's most important, though: having F-U-N, your way.

No. 10: The Ad That Will Tug at Your Heartstrings

The Ad: "Frankie's Holiday"

The Brand: Apple

The Year: 2016

The Premise: We imagine this is what you'd get if you combined How the Grinch Stole Christmas with Frankenstein. Pass the tissues, please.

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