The (First) Official Snapchat Film Festival

Your Snap stories could *finally* get the recognition they deserve.

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If you don't have the attention span to sit through an entire festival of full-length feature films, you're in luck. Tribeca Film Festival has a new category of competition, Snapchat Shorts, and tonight the five finalists are premiering in New York City. Every submission had to be under two minutes long and shot on Snapchat—and out of hundreds submitted, five were chosen to be screened to a panel of jurors consisting of Eva Longoria, Andy Cohen, Tracee Ellis Ross, Jason Biggs, and Dillon Francis. One will be named the winner.

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Read up on the finalists below, and watch the directors' comical reactions to finding out their shorts were chosen.

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The directors of "Live Colorfully" share their reactions to hearing the news that their short was chosen for the Tribeca Film Festival.

The Snapchat Short: Live Colorfully

The Premise: A young father steps out of the comfort zone of his mundane lifestyle to further connect with his son.

The Snapchatters: Brannen Haderle was born and raised in Los Angeles and is an avid Snapchat enthusiast, Alex Berry was a Brooklynite before it was trendy, and Stanley Kalu was born in Nigeria and raised all over Africa. All three are sophomores at University of Southern California.

Follow Them At: @bhaddzzz

Annie Hubbard reacts to her short film "Magic Show" being chosen.

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The Snapchat Short: Magic Show

The Premise: The only attendee to Peter's traditional magic show is preoccupied with her phone, and he must discover a way to get her attention.

The Snapchatter: Annie Hubbard is a director and editor currently working as a production coordinator with Notable Pictures.

Follow Her At: @anne-droid

Jeff Ayars puts face swap to work to share his response.

The Snapchat Short: The Notebook Snapstory

The Premise: A young woman spends a lazy Sunday with Ryan Gosling.

The Snapchatter: Jeff Ayars is one half of the comedy duo Cannibal Milkshake, and he produces, directs, and acts in projects around New York City.

Follow Him At: @jeffayars

Is this thing on?

The Snapchat Short: Puppy Love

The Premise: From within his Los Angeles apartment, a precocious dog fears he is losing the affections of his caretaker to her new flame.

The Snapchatters: Doug and Sarah are longtime friends who only just decided to start creating stories together, and this is their first project as a team.

Follow Them At: @dougcomedy

Pure shock and awe from director Anna Roisman.

The Snapchat Short: Owen Wilson Dates Himself

The Premise: In this quaint romantic art film, Owen Wilson explores life with his one true love. But does that make them a perfect match?

The Snapchatter: Anna Roisman is a comedian, actor, and creator in Brooklyn.

Follow Her At: @annaroserois

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