Galaxy Quest

One filmmaker is imaging the deepest mysteries of our galaxy in a new animated short film. Get ready for a space adventure!

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When Brooklyn-based web designer Tim Cahn completed a sci-fi short film for his senior thesis at School of Visual Art in New York City, he didn't feel quite satisfied. "I felt I had more to learn," Cahn explains. "I wanted to try again." His next project was Entropy, an enthralling, three-minute sci-fi narrative of a future where humans explore the farthest depths of our galaxy.

A blazing sun-like planet.
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Inspired by Isaac Asimov's The Last Question, a 1956 short story set in the year 2061, and Mark Osborne's More, an existential short film about an inventor looking for meaning, Cahn began the year-long process of animating and rendering his own work. Mostly relying on his imagination to create his fictional world ("the occasional web search didn't hurt to avoid being too wrong, scientifically," Cahn says), he created the film in his free time, rendering each scene on his laptop every night.

Venturing into the mysteries of space.
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Now, with the project fully completed, Cahn feels compelled to keep exploring his animated galaxy. But in the meantime, we can enjoy the fruits of his labor—watch Entropy here!

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