Leslie Jones Is the Olympic Commentator We Deserve

If sports commentary were an Olympic sport, Leslie Jones would be the number-one contender for gold. There is no silver. There is no bronze. There is only Leslie Jones.

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Over the weekend, comedian Leslie Jones, one of the four stars of the Ghostbusters reboot and an SNL cast member, took to Twitter to add her own commentary to various Olympic events. Mostly, she films her TV and laptop screens, shouting encouraging words, questions about rules and scoring, and stray observations.

Who, me? Better at talking about sports than Bob Costas and Al Michaels combined?
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The footage isn't great, and the videos cut off after 10 seconds, but Jones's enthusiasm is infectious. When she's proud of a swimmer crying as he's given a gold medal and "The Star-Spangled Banner" plays, we're proud. When she's confused about why the ball in handball is so small, so are we. When she watches a judo match with female fighters and says, "I'm not fuckin' with either one of them, that's for sure"—well, neither are we.

Go! Team Leslie!
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So inspiring is her passionate DIY coverage that NBC invited Jones to Rio as an on-air contributor, beginning tomorrow, Friday, August 12.

In anticipation of Jones's upcoming appearances on NBC, here are the comedian's best Olympic moments so far.

Athlete Pep Talks

"Ayy, Kerri, this is the warrior face I'm talking about, Kerri. You are a warrior, you will always be a warrior, chick. Don't EVER WORRY. EVER."

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"April Ross. IS. THE. BOSS."

"Hey, April. Go, bitch, you are the shit! What! Y'all are killin' it right now."

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Re: Lilly King's finger wag: "I love King, I love her, I love that she did that. Call 'em out, boo. That's right, back yo shit up."

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To Conor Dwyer: "Hey, man, you got this. Don't worry about it. I been watching you the whole show. Your ass can swim. Real talk."

General Questions

Re: handball: "OK, they told me it was handball. I just feel like I need a bigger ball."

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"What are the fucking rules? Are there fouls? Can you double dribble?"

Re: fencing: "Do women do this too? And look, they got the masks on. What they look like behind the masks with the lights? This is so goddamn robotic, I love it!"

Re: Simone Biles: "What? What?"

Messages to the Judges and Commentators

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"Real talk, these motherfucking deductions is some bullshit. Y'all jealous. Y'all jealous y'all can't do that shit."

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"Announcers be killing me when they talking about she's not a great tumbler. You try to do that shit, you fucker. You can't do it."

Stray Observations

Re: the women's gymnastics team: "OK, if I saw them coming up the alley, walking like this with that on, I'd be like, I'm not scared, but they gonna flip on me."

Re: synchronized diving: "I tried line dancing once, and I was all right. But this, I can't do this."

When she was terrified of the uneven bars…

"Umm, you guys, this is the most aggressive game of ping-pong that I have ever seen, and I'm scared."

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