A Musical Road-Trip Movie for the Last of Summer

If the sign of a good summer movie is that it makes you want to jump up and have the night of your life, then it looks like "XOXO" is going to make the cut.

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Graham Phillips

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Plays: Ethan, aspiring DJ

You May Recognize Him As: Zach, the son of Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) on The Good Wife

Big Trailer Moment: When he breathlessly answers the call informing him he's landed a gig at the biggest EDM fest on the planet. Deep breaths, Ethan.

Sarah Hyland

Plays: Krystal, rave rookie

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You May Recognize Her As: Haley on Modern Family

Big Trailer Moment: When she earnestly states, while fully bedazzled, "When you make that connection with somebody, it gets you outside yourself." Ah, young love.

Brianne Howey

Plays: Darla, party master

You May Recognize Her As: If you didn't catch her in Horrible Bosses 2, you'll see her in a slew of upcoming TV projects, including The Great Indoors (alongside Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Joel McHale and Stephen Fry) and Fox's adaptation of The Exorcist

Big Trailer Moment: When she takes one look at Krystal's outfit and exclaims, "Ohhhh no, you're not wearing that. You look like a nun!"

Hayley Kiyoko

Plays: Shannie, rambunctious raver

You May Recognize Her As: Raven Ramirez, hacker-turned-FBI-analyst on CSI: Cyber—or as Hayley Kiyoko herself, a musician who has released two EPs to date

Big Trailer Moment: When she starts spreading the word about Ethan's big new gig, likely starting the very game of telephone that drives the film.

Chris D'Elia

Plays: Neil, EDM scene veteran/voice of wisdom

You May Recognize Him As: Alex, boyfriend of the title character played by Whitney Cummings on Whitney

Big Trailer Moment: When, as the EDM old head, he righteously proclaims, "This is real music! It's not meant to be the soundtrack to getting wasted or the background to a car commercial!" Preach, Neil!

Ryan Hansen

Plays: DJ Avilo, the scene's resident soothsayer

You May Recognize Him As: Candy Andy, the friendly neighborhood candy shop owner on Two Broke Girls

Big Line of the Trailer: Tie between his declaration that he is "the king of this scene!" and his advice session to Ethan during which he says, "I've seen more DJs than you can count come and go."

Christopher Louie

Plays: Though he does make a cameo in the film as "Artist," Louie most importantly serves as the film's director and co-writer.

What We Know: This is Louie's first feature, having worked as an animator on various projects and as the writer of an animated video for the Death Cab for Cutie song, "Grapevine Fires."

To watch XOXO, head over to Netflix.

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