Make Your Summer Style a Blockbuster

This summer, the Sweet team is looking to the big screen for style tips. And boy have we found some gems!

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Rebecca Bates, senior editor, @re.beccabates

Movie: Now & Then

Character: Christina Ricci as Roberta Martin

Why This Is My Summer Style Icon: Roberta was the tomboy of the group, but that didn't mean her style was sloppy. Her mix of sporty stripes and lace-up Vans with a crisp slim leg chino is essentially what I'm wearing right now. It's a look that translates easily from a sartorially chill office to the garden at my neighborhood bar where I'll have drinks with friends later.

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Michael Russo, video producer, @iammichaelrusso

Movie: The Outsiders

Character: Matt Dillon as Dallas Winston

Why This Is My Summer Style Icon: Dallas was more complex than your standard tough guy. Sure, he's lied, stolen, cheated, been to jail—but he valued friendships to the point of obsession; his band of brothers were everything to him. I've never really been one for button-down shirts, so I tend to identify with outfits that support jeans year-round. Dally keeps it simple: black T-shirt, dark denim, and boots. This look won't draw the most attention at your backyard party, nor will it win you any style awards. It's subtle and unbranded, with just enough mystery to help you stay gold, as the film's mantra goes, all summer long.

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Molly Elizalde, associate editor, @mollyelizalde

Movie: A Bigger Splash

Character: Tilda Swinton as Marianne Lane

Why This Is My Summer Style Icon: Leave it to Tilda Swinton to be effortlessly elegant at all times—especially when Raf Simons (who was helming Dior at the time) is designing her entire film wardrobe. While I'm certainly not dressing all designer all the time, the clean, modern lines of Marianne's flowing dresses and beachy button-downs emanate the ultimate summer style vibe: put-together, but still totally relaxed. I will certainly be channeling these looks this summer, and every summer to come.

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Rebecca Deczynski, editorial assistant, @rebeccadecz

Movie: Roman Holiday

Character: Audrey Hepburn as Princess Ann

Why This Is My Summer Style Icon: When Princess Ann escapes her guards in Rome to enjoy a day of freedom—complete with an impromptu haircut, a short-lived romance, and of course, some gelato—she adopts a casually put-together style that's perfect for even the hottest summer day. A midi skirt makes for a breezy option that also offers some sun protection, while a crisp white short-sleeve blouse is equal parts comfortable and charming. Add some wrap-up flats and a jaunty neckerchief, and you've got a winning look, perfect for running off to the Spanish Steps (or just running to catch the subway). I may occasionally swap a blouse for a crop top when I emulate her style, especially on sweltering days, but the inspiration is always there.

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Stefan Marolachakis, senior editor @stefanmymind

Movie: Giant

Character: James Dean as Jett Rink

Why This Is My Summer Style Icon: I've never been one to change up my whole style simply because the temperature has gone up—and I suffered through some summer days because of it. That is, until I remembered to take a page from one of the most handsome gents of the 20th century, James Dean—specifically from his performance in Giant. Dean manages to keep his brooding, tough look even while starring in an oil drama set in Texas. His tricks: rolled-up sleeves, the right sunglasses for your face, and absolutely no fear when it comes to leaving buttons unbuttoned.

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Christian Storm, photo editor @cstorm44

Movie: Inherent Vice

Character: Joaquin Phoenix as Larry "Doc" Sportello

Why This Is My Summer Style Icon: Never before has disheveled and out-of-it looked so cool: The western shirt with one more button undone than seems appropriate; the olive army jacket; the ever-present sunglasses. While I might not have the gall to wear Doc's sandals or the big hat, the rest makes for the perfect uniform when walking to the coffee shop at 3 p.m. on a Sunday, right after you roll out of bed.

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Chantal Strasburger, assistant editor @chantagold

Movie: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Character: Katharine Ross as Etta Place

Why This Is My Summer Style Icon: If I could spend my entire summer in a billowy white dress atop a bike, riding to the sounds of B.J. Thomas's "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head," then you bet I would! One of the movie's few lighthearted scenes with Katharine Ross and Paul Newman is delightfully carefree and playfully blithe—a vibe I try to maintain all summer long (it's just that one scene however—the rest of the movie's plotlines I can do without).

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Ryan Adelson, editorial intern, @ryanshelby15

Movie: Grease

Character: Olivia Newton-John as Sandy (pre- and post-makeover)

Why This Is My Summer Style Icon: Even as "Sandra Dee," Sandy—as played by the beautiful Olivia Newton-John—had a great sense of style. Sure, it's kind of cutesy, but I would totally wear a full-skirted, '50s-inspired dress like hers. But it's when she starts hanging out with the Pink Ladies and overhauls her wardrobe that her fashion sense really kicks in. Remember her big style reveal to Danny at the graduation carnival, wearing leather pants and that sexy off-the-shoulder black top? I could totally see myself trying out that look on a summer night.

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Abbey Maxbauer, editorial intern, @abbeymaxbauer

Movie: Thelma & Louise

Character: Susan Sarandon as Louise Sawyer

Why This Is My Summer Style Icon: Whether it's Louise Sawyer's polished, headscarf-clad look at the beginning of her iconic road trip, or the dust-coated, high-rise denim she rocks toward the end of her journey, Sarandon's summer vibe in this film is pitch-perfect. Depending on my mood this summer, I'll either be emulating her easy, breezy pre-felony vacation look, or her rebellious on-the-run digs. It's a win-win.

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Mallory Rice, deputy editor, @mallory-rice

Movie: Tampopo

Character: Nobuko Miyamoto as Tampopo

Why This Is My Summer Style Icon: First of all, I'm not entirely sure that this story takes place during the summer, but the titular character spends so much time in a hot kitchen, it might as well. In this 1985 Japanese film by cult director Jûzô Itami, Tampopo is the widowed owner of a subpar ramen shop, who, upon serving an especially critical (though ultimately very helpful) customer, decides to dedicate herself to upping her noodle game. No matter how exasperated she becomes—those pots of boiling water are heavy and hot and huge—she stays cool in her simply cut linen dresses and sleeveless button-downs, which, while humble, look amazing because of how nicely they fit. Her mainstay topper—the scarf she ties over her hair—flaps around adorably the more stressed-out she becomes. (It's something I should have worn, I now realize, while trying to install my AC unit.)

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