15 Iconic TV Shows to Add to Your Streaming List

We know exactly what your next television binge should be.

We get it. It's hard not to rewatch your favorite shows over and over again, especially when they are as addictive as we're sure they are. But honestly: come on! With so many classic shows out there deserving of your attention, you owe it to yourself to switch it up. Modern Family reruns will only stretch your brain so far. With this in mind, we tapped the collective braintrust here at Sweet to come up with the shows you need to check out, based on what you're already watching (and re-watching, over and over again). The result? Only the most comprehensive streaming list you've ever set your eyes on.

Ready, set, stream!

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If You Like Fargo, You'll Love: Twin Peaks

Streaming on Netflix

Ah, the dark underbelly of a seemingly peaceful town. It certainly makes for great TV show fodder. In the case of both Fargo and Twin Peaks, that terrain is deftly mined using a combination of cinematic shots, singularly weird style, and oddball humor.

If You Like House of Cards, You'll Love: The West Wing

Streaming on Netflix

If you're looking for a White House drama that skews toward optimism and celebrating good team play, The West Wing will be a welcome counterpoint to the dark moodiness of Spacey & co. Fun fact: The chief creative forces behind each, David Fincher (House of Cards) and Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing), collaborated on The Social Network in 2010.

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If You Like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, You'll Love: Cheers

Streaming on Netflix

What else do you need than a show about funny friends who hang at a bar and do wacky stuff together while trying to get through life? Nothing. If you've run out of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia episodes to binge on, and can't wait for season 12, Cheers will give you those same vibes. We'll drink to that!

If You Like New Girl, You'll Love: Friends

Streaming on Netflix

Groups of twenty-somethings will always be trying to make it big in a new city, and shows about them will always be relevant. But these two shows have even more than that simple premise in common: The character tropes are nearly identical (take Nick, for example who is a lot like Ross in Friends, played by David Schwimmer: both are nerdy, and both have an on-again, off-again relationship with another main character), and in each, one key romantic relationship ties the whole thing together.

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If You Like Supernatural, You'll Love: The X-Files (original series)

Streaming on Netflix

Both of these shows involve duos investigating the freaky, weird, unexplainable stories that UFO and alien-believers alike go crazy over. Bonus? The X-Files was so beloved that it was rebooted as a mini-series in January. One more thing to watch! Yay!

If You Like Bates Motel, You'll Love: Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Streaming on Netflix

If you've loved watching the freaky dynamic between Norman Bates and his mother unfold in Bates Motel, you will love the psychological thrillers that unfold in Alfred Hitchcock Presents, brought to you by the very man responsible for Psycho, the film in which we were first introduced to the Bates family.

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If You Like Family Guy, You'll Love: All in the Family

Streaming on Crackle

Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane has cited All in the Family as an inspiration, and the show's opening credits (you know, with the singing and the piano) were directly inspired by All in the Family's opening in which stars Carroll O'Connor and Jean Stapleton sing the show's theme, "Those Were the Days." Get a taste of the live-action comedy family that predates the absurd, animated gang.

If You Like Modern Family, You'll Love: Arrested Development

Streaming on Netflix

Arrested Development paved the way for Modern Family. A single-camera comedy about a dysfunctional family, full of inside jokes? Television gold. Bonus: Arrested Development got a Netflix reboot two summers ago, which awarded us with 15 new episodes to binge on.

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If You Like Transparent, You'll Love: Six Feet Under

Streaming on Amazon

Both shows center on a family of three children grappling with parental influence, sibling rivalry, and a mixture of deep love and resentment. Jill Soloway, who created Transparent, was also a writer on Six Feet Under with creator Alan Ball (who was the brains behind True Blood and American Beauty), and frequently tells interviewers the show was her main inspiration.

If You Like Big Bang Theory, You'll Love: Seinfeld

Streaming on Hulu

OK, so you've probably seen Seinfeld—but if you haven't watched every episode (180, to be precise), now is the time to do so. Big Bang Theory owes a lot to Seinfeld: Both focus on a group of friends whose crazy, self involved schemes never pay off, and who complain endlessly about the minutiae of life along the way.

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