The 10 Best Fictional Sororities and Fraternities

From "Legally Blonde" to "Animal House," these are the houses that always made Greek life seem out of this world—and they're a great place to start if you're still deciding whether it's the life for you.

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10. Delta Psi Beta Fraternity From "Neighbors"

This fraternity claims to have invented toga parties, beer pong, and the classic boot-and-rally move. So who are we to keep them off this list? These guys might be the worst next-door neighbors of all time, but they definitely know how to have fun.

9. Lambda Epsilon Omega From "Old School"

All the joys of a fraternity, with none of the stress of school. Yes, this collective of grown men is potentially a sad, desperate attempt at reclaiming youth, but who among us isn't rooting for Luke Wilson to find the companionship he deserves? Plus, it's never not funny to watch drunk Will Ferrell go streaking. And the Snoop Dogg cameo? An instant classic.

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8. Kappa Kappa Delta From "Friends"

We never actually saw any flashbacks to Rachel's sorority days on Friends, but who could forget that episode in which Winona Ryder guest stars as Melissa, Rachel's sorority sister who she kissed in college. In a classic setup for awkwardness, Phoebe doesn't believe that the kiss took place and crashes their reunion dinner. Kappa Kappa Delta gets points simply for being the fictional sorority with the best power couple: Winona Ryder and Jennifer Aniston.

7. Zeta Beta Zeta From "Greek"

ABC Family's Greek is a vivid portrait of Greek life at a large, public institution. Zeta Beta Zeta is a sorority at the top of its game, full of drama and the object of every fraternity's affection. They have a killer house, fun parties and events, and even pink sweatpants with "ZBZ" embroidered on the butt. They're living the sorority American Dream.

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6. Delta Tau Chi From "Animal House"

Animal House is truly the iconic fraternity movie, and its party scenes set the standard for all other frat parties depicted in film and TV. Delta Tau Chi originated the now-archetypical "hot-mess fraternity"—the less self-important, more fun house that's always coming apart at the seams. Plus, it's well known that the plot is based on Harold Ramis's experiences as a brother of Zeta Beta Tau at Washington University in St. Louis and Chris Miller's experiences as a brother of Alpha Delta Phi at Dartmouth. So, really this fraternity almost exists.

5. Kappa Tau Gamma From "Greek"

A follower of the Animal House archetype, Kappa Tau Gamma is a bit of a constant disaster, but in a fun way. You probably don't want to live there, but you do want to let loose at some of their famous parties. People who aren't in Kappa Tau Gamma tend to regard it with bemusement and condescension, but the brothers would do anything for one another...except clean the house.

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4. Zeta Alpha Zeta From "House Bunny"

First things first: wouldn't you want Anna Faris to be your house mother? The premise is a setup for some high-quality makeovers, as Shelley (Faris) figures out how to encourage the antisocial sisters of Zeta Alpha Zeta to be more outgoing and style-conscious, while still being true to themselves. Ultimately, this makes for a confident, empowered group of sorority sisters.

3. Vortex From "Sydney White"

OK, so Vortex may not technically be a part of Greek Life at Southern Atlantic University, but we still think this vacuum for dorks is the house on Greek row we'd most like to rush. Wouldn't you rather hang out with seven dweebie dudes than have the whiteness of your teeth analyzed by the evil sisters of Kappa Phi Nu? Yeah, we thought so. Rush Vortex, guys.

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2. Kappa Kappa Tau From "Scream Queens"

The Kappa Kappa Tau sisters' wardrobe choices alone earn them this spot on the list. Considering there's a murderer on the loose, picking off the sisters one by one, we're not sure why anyone would actually want to be in this sorority. But it's fun to watch disaster unfold in front of these fur-clad Kappas holed up in their immaculate, well-appointed mansion.

1. Delta Nu From "Legally Blonde"

Elle Woods's Delta Nu might be the most supportive sorority of all time. Sure, the sisters seem superficial, based on their love of pink, the value they place on appearances, and their struggle to have conversations with much depth (remember that house meeting when they voted on which toilet paper to use?). But when Elle decides that law school is her dream, her sisters make sure she aces the LSAT and help her build a kick-ass application to Harvard. Plus, two of them make the trip to Massachusetts from California, just to watch Elle at trial. That's some strong sisterhood.

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