Rapper Mac Miller Has Some Thoughts on Love

And he's ready to share his wisdom.

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Mac Miller's Fictional Dream Girl

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"Every 1 needs its other 1 to make 11, because 11's more than 10."

It's barely 9 a.m., but Mac Miller's already full of energy at Sweet HQ. Of course, he's got a lot to be excited about, with his new album, The Divine Feminine, set to drop on September 16. It's a sexy record, chill beats underscoring tracks about frank desire, new relationships, and on-and-off-again love.

Photographed by Sameet Sharma
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Knowing Miller's got romance on his mind, we decided to quiz the troubadour about his favorite woman from fiction (unsurprisingly, she's pretty fearless), his best date, his worst date, his dream date, and other matters of the heart.

Mac Miller's First Date

It's no surprise that Miller's first love came early in life.

"Any deep thoughts that a Kindergartener has were discussed during that time."

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Mac Miller's Worst Date

Miller doesn't really go on bad dates. What's his secret?

"I'm not really in the dating scene. I usually pick one [girl], and we do everything together."

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Mac Miller's Dream Date

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A date with Mac Miller isn't just a date, it's an *event.*

How Mac Miller Gets Ready for a Date

Who *doesn't* dance to jazz guitar before a date?

"I dance in the mirror...and ask myself what I want."

Mac Miller: Is He With Her?

Took him a minute to understand the question, but the answer was simple.

"Fuck yeah, I'm with her. I'm not with him."

Mac Miller's latest album, The Divine Feminine, will be released on September 16. Get more info on tour dates and stock up on merch at macmillerwebsite.com.

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