Nashville Is Really, Really Fun

Especially when you're eating, drinking, and skating your way around town with Conner Youngblood—who happens to be the most original talent Music City has seen in a very long while.

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If you've been a Sweet reader from day one, you might be feeling a sense of déjà vu right now. This Dallas-born singer-songwriter was featured in our very first edition, playing the harp and singing his ethereal track, "Stockholm." If you're not yet familiar with the talented Yale grad (who can play over 30 instruments!), what better way to get to know him than by spending a day off with him?

On the heels of the release of his latest track, "Sulphur Springs," Youngblood takes us to his favorite spots around Nashville, Tennessee, where he's based, ending the day with a dreamy acoustic performance in his own backyard.

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9 a.m. – Youngblood's Bug Collection

Youngblood gives us a tour of his house, which includes a mysterious instrument called a hurdy-gurdy ("It sounds like something from Medieval Times—the amusement park, not the actual time period"), a giant snakeskin he found out back, and an unopened can of soda gifted by a secret admirer in college—six years ago.

10 a.m. – Skatepark Shenanigans

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Youngblood grabs his board and hits a nearby skatepark, helmet on (safety first!) and ready to grind.

12 p.m. – Bowling to Bob Seger at Strike & Spare

Hijacking the jukebox at his favorite bowling alley, Youngblood requests back-to-back songs by one of his favorite musicians, Bob Seger. Strike & Spare is where Youngblood and his friends go when they need a bowling fix, which might explain why he's so good at it.

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2 p.m. – Jalapeño Hot Dogs and Lemon-Ginger-Vanilla Milkshakes

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Stopping off at I Dream of Weenie in East Nashville's Five Points neighborhood, Youngblood goes out on a limb and orders whatever the food truck recommends, which turns out to be a very spicy hot dog. The cure? A refreshing milkshake from Pied Piper Creamery across the street.

4 p.m. – Kayaking Down the Cumberland River and Chilling With Dragonflies

Not everyone has the luxury of kayaking in their own backyard, so Youngblood makes the most of it. Bucket hat and binoculars in tow, Youngblood paddles down the Cumberland River behind his house, talking about his sources of inspiration which include nature shows, traveling, bird-watching, and Wikipedia (only sort of kidding).

7 p.m. – Backyard Acoustic Performance: "T X T N"

Sitting out back on his deck, Youngblood plays an acoustic version of "T X T N" from his second EP, The Generation of Lift. "Cause it's where you come from / No matter where you've been / But where you're going / It depends on what you give."

7:30 p.m. – Backyard Acoustic Performance Round Two: "The Badlands"

"That other sound was supposed to be a trumpet, in case you were trying to figure that out," Youngblood says, laughing, at the end of his stripped-down performance of "The Badlands." And with that, the sun sets on a day well spent.

To learn more about Conner Youngblood, check out and listen to his newest track "Sulphur Springs" on Spotify.

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