New Music That Will Boost Your Mood

This is what we need right now.

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"Nurse Ratched" by Cherry Glazerr

"She's a wild one," Clementine Creevy sings. Her wailing vocals are equally girlish and vicious in this dark song about a girl with "eyes like daggers" and a "face like porcelain."

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"Versace on the Floor" by Bruno Mars

If you had told us this was a popular power ballad from the '90s, we would've bought it. But it's our friend Bruno Mars slowing things down and channeling the likes of Kenny Rogers and, dare we say, a bit of the late, iconic Selena, too.

"Kerala" by Bonobo

To coincide with the announcement of his new album, Migration, Bonobo has released this ambient new track. Gradually evolving from spacey to danceable (thanks to the appearance of some vocal samples that sound like Destiny's Child), it works as the perfect soundtrack for an ambling mind.

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"Keeping U in Line" by Ex Reyes

In this ode to a destructive significant other, lead singer Mikey Freedom Hart sings, "I know that if I left you, I'd miss you / And splitting up all of our stuff…" All normal things to think on before a breakup, but if "keeping you in line / takes up all of our time," maybe y'all could really use a break.

"Near to the Wild Heart of Life" by Japandroids

It's been five long years since Japandroids have released anything new: the duo spent those years nurturing new romantic relationships as well as the one with their new label, Anti- Records. Any good musician knows that the best way to gain new inspiration and material is by simply living life, and judging by this song, we have a feeling the wait was worth it.

"Here in Spirit" by Jim James

Chances are, you're still feeling those post-election result feelings pretty hard. For those experiencing any FOMO as a result of not being able to rally with the rest, Jim James's soulful track about "speaking out and trying to be there for people in spirit even if you can't be at every rally and battle" couldn't have come any sooner. Because, in his words: "We have such a duty to speak out for equality, and for each other."

"A Wonderful Seed" by Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions

We could all use the warm, sweet, honey-like vibrations of Hope Sandoval's vocals right now. Put on some headphones, lie back, and let her lull you into a much-needed place of serenity, comfort, and bliss.

"On Hold" by The xx

After teasing a few audio clips of their new album I See You, slated for a January release, The xx has just released a full song in time for us to enjoy it through the holidays. "On Hold" is an appropriately autumnal dance tune, equal parts somber melody and bouncy groove, anchored by one earworm of a sample, from the 1981 hit by Hall & Oates, "I Can't Go for That (No Can Do)."

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