Bowie Served Up a Posthumous Lullaby

And the video for it is strangely comforting.

Quietly over the weekend—so quietly you may have missed it—a new video was released for David Bowie's "No Plan," one of his final recordings before his death a year ago today. Shot by Tom Hingston, the video shows TVs in the window of an electronics shop glow with fuzzy, grainy images. As the video progresses, more and more pedestrians stop to watch as shots of flying birds, the New York skyline, hovering balloons, and the Earth seen from space float across the screens. It's hard not to watch and wonder, what message is Bowie sending us from the ether?

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Well, none, of course. But it is comforting, in a way, to see a Bowie video that is characteristically enigmatic. "Here is my place," the TV screens read in glitching script—and also, "Just out of view," "My moods," "Nothing to regret." Hingston lets these phrases hang in front of viewers without context: lovely, haunting Bowie poetry that's as surreal as ever.

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