A Guided Tour of This Week's Best New Music

You'll laugh, you'll cry, and, most importantly, you'll dance.

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No. 1: "Say Something Loving" by The xx

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This new track finds The xx at what might be their most vulnerable yet, which is saying something. It takes a lot of guts to put all of your most insecure internal dialogue on blast: "Were you really looking for me? / Try your best to reassure me / I wasn't patient to meet you / Am I too needy, am I too eager?" If it's any help, guys, rest assured that we love you unconditionally.

No. 2: "Undercover" by Kehlani

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Sounds like Kehlani's in a Romeo and Juliet type of predicament. "They don't wanna see it happen," she sings. "But we say fuck it." Let's just hope this one has a happier ending. (If this song's jaunty, danceable, trap-like beat is any indication, it definitely does.)

No. 3: "Thinking 'Bout You" by Dua Lipa

British singer-songwriter Dua Lipa's got soul: when she sings, you feel it. This new track, about a love she can't forget, is no exception. "I can't get high, I can't get by, I can't get through," she croons, "I can't stop thinking 'bout you." The feeling is mutual, girl.

No. 4: "Traces" by Denny White

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Los Angeles-based Denny White says that when he first sat down to record this guitar-driven, mournful song, he played the wrong chords—and it turned out to be a happy accident. A tune about a relationship you just can't get over should feel just a little bit off anyway, right?

No. 5: "Hard Liquor" by SOHN

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Foreboding and dark, SOHN's new song about his liquor-loving lady is a bit tongue in cheek. "My baby don't need a song / My baby won't sing along / She don't need my muscle cause her liquor's strong," he sings. She might not need him, but it sounds like the girl's still got some dependency issues.

No. 6: "Dearly Beloved" by Kiesza

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Funky and upbeat, Canadian musician Kiesza returns with a pop song made for dancing. In fact, it's reminiscent of the late legend, Prince, which is why we're sure the title is no coincidence—and even more certain that she did his memory proud.

No. 7: "Throw Myself a Party" by Cashmere Cat, Starrah, 2 Chainz, Tory Lanez

When you have this many artists known for making bangers on one track, it's pretty much guaranteed gold. When '80s keys meet R&B goodness, you get a true weekend jam that lives up to expectations.

No. 8: "We a Famly" by Flaming Lips ft. Miley Cyrus

Lead singer Wayne Coyne's falsetto vocals wail against buzzing synth and frantic drums. It's not till midway that Miley's signature husky baby voice chimes in. The two duet about the distance that their insane schedule forces between them, ultimately concluding that despite hardly ever seeing each other, they're still "famly."

No. 9: "Nuclear Fusion" by King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard

Psychedelia meets lo-fi with this rocking track released by the eight members of the Austar band in anticipation of their new album out this February. Their new LP was written with a custom microtonal guitar of theirs in mind, and prominently features a Turkish horn called a zurna, so believe us when we say it's not like any other music out there right now.

No. 10: "Little Bubble" by Dirty Projectors

This new track by the Brooklyn-based indie rockers is a little bit R&B, a little bit jazz, a tad experimental, and entirely magical.

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