Cherry Glazerr Is Making 21st-Century Punk

We spend 10 minutes texting with lead singer Clementine Creevy about life on the road, acting on "Transparent," and how to start a band at 14.

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Clementine Creevy has been playing in bands since she was 14 years old. She's out on tour now with her band Cherry Glazerr in support of their new album, "Apocalipstick."

Sweet: Hey, Clementine. It's Stefan from Sweet. How's it going?

Clementine Creevy: Hi Stefan! What is up

Sweet: Do you go by Clem, by the way? Should I be calling you that?

CC: Yes

Or you can call me Stefan

Sweet: Great to meet you, Stefan!!

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Where are you right now?

Can't believe we have the same name


CC: What are you wearing

Oh sorry wrong person

I'm eating at a restaurant

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Sweet: Where is it and what are you eating? Enquiring minds want to know

CC: Vegan Soul Food

In Detroit

Sweet: That sounds like a good choice. You're on tour right now?

CC: Yeah we're touring

Creevy tells us all about her favorite snack to have on tour.

Sweet: How long have you been out on the road?

CC: 2 weeks

Sweet: Highlight so far?

CC: Highlight has been Dutch oven-ing Tabor [Allen, the band's drummer] the other night

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Here she is performing an acoustic version of "Nurse Ratched," off Cherry Glazerr's new album.

Sweet: Hopefully Tabor has a minor tour cold and a stuffy nose

What's the last thing you listened to in the van?

CC: Isley Brothers

Brother, Brother, Brother

Creevy takes a quick breather during the band's packed touring schedule. Vintage jacket courtesy of Dusty Rose Vintage

Sweet: Do you always listen to music in the van or do you ever get into podcasts or audiobooks?

CC: Mostly music. Been playing a bunch of Woo, this electronic duo from London that does amazing folk & drone experimental music. Late '70s/'80s. There are a few podcasts that I'm into—WTF with Marc Maron and How Stuff Works. Also My Dad Wrote a Porno

British electronic duo Woo is a favorite in the van these days.

Sweet: How did you feel about your record coming out on Inauguration Day?

CC: Very happy Apocalipstick came out on Jan 20th. A big fuck you to Trump. Music & art as resistance!

Sweet: Hell yeah. How did you decide to start a band? I've been in a few bands but it didn't occur to me to be in one till a friend asked me to join one.

CC: I just asked my friends to jam with me


Sweet: How old were you then?

CC: 14

Sweet: So how did you like acting on Transparent? Do you want to do more acting?

CC: Being a part of Transparent was amazing. And I'm touring for a year so acting is not exactly on the agenda right now. But our shows are fucking TIGHT

Sweet: What are you most excited for in 2017?

CC: Trump's impeachment.

Cherry Glazerr's new record, Apocalipstick, is out now on Secretly Canadian. You can find it, along with the band's tour dates, on

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