10 Fresh Spotify Hits to Keep the Weekend Going

The hits keep coming.

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"Nuclear Bomb" by Cherry Glazerr

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An apt title for a song off an album titled Apocalipstick (how cool is that title, btw?). "Black like a nuclear bomb / We share the same blood / You're not alone, love," sings Clementine Creevy. The subject of this one from our favorite L.A. garage rockers is a little unclear, but it never matters when the keys, guitar, and vocals sound as good as this.

"On Lankershim" by Foxygen

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No, this isn't the beginning of "Tiny Dancer." It's a new track by Southern California duo Foxygen. Frantic drums mingle with sweeping guitars, gallant horns, and warbly vocals—how one band can squeeze so many genres into one song beats us. But however they're doing it, it's working.

"Coolie High Is Life" by Camp Lo

Old-school hip-hop vibes. This new track from the Bronx duo that's been doing it since 1995 is a new spin on a truly classic sound. Perfect for a very (very) chill evening.

"Sewer Blues" by Timber Timbre

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Foreboding, military-style drums combined with lead singer Taylor Kirk's lethargic voice make for a grim-sounding take on the very grim-feeling future of America. Too soon? Maybe just tune out the lyrics and enjoy a good wallow in the perfectly melancholy melody.

"Drew Barrymore" by SZA

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SZA did us a favor by releasing a single along with the announcement for her second full-length album, CTRL. The self-love lament goes into all of the singer's insecurities: "I'm sorry I'm not more attractive / I'm sorry I'm not more ladylike / I'm sorry I don't shave my legs at night," she sweetly sings. Proof that even the coolest people have their self-doubts (which only makes us love SZA all the more).

"No Reason" by Bonobo, Nick Murphy

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Nick Murphy (aka Chet Faker) offers a human touch to Bonobo's normally sterile electronic stylings. Ambient yet captivating, the quickly oscillating beat makes it easy for listeners to slip into a delightful hypnosis.

"Want" by BOYTOY

"I want to feel what it's like to feel you feel me," croons lead singer Glenn Van Dyke in a voice that sounds like it just time-traveled here from the '90s, grunge rock's heyday. The tunes this trio of badass girls churn out have us pining for summer sunshine.

"Detroit or Buffalo (Under the Covers)" by Max Jury

Max Jury's new track is the cool version of every country song you've ever rejected. We know, we know—you "listen to everything but country." (Isn't that what everyone says?) But if that's the case, we'd say you need make an exception here.

"Tears on Fire" by Ariel Pink, Weyes Blood

Resident weirdo Ariel Pink and the beautifully maudlin Weyes Blood have joined lo-fi forces. Their ambling track ranges from folky to full-out opera rock. A rare combo created by two rare and treasured musicians.

"Strange or Be Forgotten" by Temples

Temples are masters at making psych-rock dreaminess. This euphoric track dripping in strings and synth embraces the band's oddball tendencies, which is a great reminder we all probably need right now. Keep an eye out for their sophomore album, Volcano, out March 3rd, which is sure to be chock full of more lovely, strange tunes.

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