You Can Find Me in the Tub

Miami band Jacuzzi Boys just wanna have fun, shred, and get weird. Cheers to that.

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The Jacuzzi Boys
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"I met the guys at a party and had a few beers with them, and then that same night they asked me if I wanted to join their band," says Jacuzzi Boys bassist Danny Gonzales. His recollections of meeting his bandmates Gabriel Alcala and Diego Monasterios way back in 2007 might not sound like the most promising origins story. But unlike most band stories that begin with alcohol and a pool party, this one's still going strong—and the Miami-based rock trio has the world tours, albums, and loyal following to show for it.

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For nearly a decade, Gonzales, Alcala (guitar and vocals), and Monasterios (drums) have been making the kind of catchy surf rock that's so satisfying you can practically taste the Florida surf as you listen. Their songs pack plenty of head-bobbing melodies with just the right amount of garage-rock scuzz, which makes standout tracks like "Happy Damage" (off their 2015 EP) or the laid-back beach jam "Glazin'" (the title track on their 2011 album) the perfect dreaming-of-summer soundtracks. That summery, easygoing sound makes sense given Jacuzzi Boys' South Florida hometown.

The Jacuzzi Boys perform at Fox Theater in Atlanta, Georgia

Contrary to what some may believe, Gonzales says the South Florida music scene is far more eclectic than crowded EDM concerts and Top 40 clubs: "Miami has such mainstream stuff, like dance music and hip-hop; ironically, because of those genres, the underground kind of music really thrives." He credits Churchill's Pub, a local favorite, for keeping this scene alive. "There's a lot of weird shit that goes on there, and in some ways the music scene revolves around the club," he explains. "You can get up there and bang pots and pants if you want; it's a wild place, no rules at all." For now, Gonzales says Jacuzzi Boys will stick with doing what they do best: "Record, tour, chill, repeat."

With a just-wrapped world tour and a brand-new album (their fifth!) due for release next year, it's only fitting that the band's in "chill" mode at the moment: their immediate plans include hitting the beach and cracking open a few cold ones. When in Miami….

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