The New Music You Should Stream This Weekend

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"I'm Better" by Missy Elliott ft. Lamb

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A new single from queen Missy Elliott is something to shout about. Dark, slow, and syrupy, this jam still goes harder than any of Missy's rapid-fire rap tracks. Ohio rapper Lamb's stripped-down lyrics add a little something extra special.

"No Known Drink or Drug" by Japandroids

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With their early aughts-style guitars and anthemic vocals, Japandroids bring to mind driving around in cars with your friends, windows open, music blazing. Especially this track, which finds them swooning over a new love, insisting that "No known drink, no known drug / Could hold a candle to your love."

"Run Up" by Major Lazer ft. Partynextdoor and Nicki Minaj

With its reggaeton beat and high-pitched vocal samples, this track is very reminiscent of "Sorry" by Justin Bieber. That is, until Nicki chimes in—then it becomes something much more badass.

"Khmlwugh" by Homeshake

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A song really can't go wrong when it's got some sparkling synth and a solid groove. Lead singer Pete Sagar is a guitarist with Mac DeMarco, but in this lo-fi bedroom R&B, in which he sings about "kissing, hugging, making love, and gettin' high," you'd never guess.

"Real Time" by Jacques Greene

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A very danceable bass line, a looping vocal sample, and a thumping house beat drive this new single off Montreal producer Jacques Greene's upcoming album, Feel Infinite. The record is, according to him, all about "draw[ing] emotions and moments that, above all, feel human within the context of dance music."

"When You Were Mine" by Lambchop

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The Nashville band Lambchop does a warbly, slightly auto-tuned take on this classic love song by the late Prince, whose own songs are not on Spotify—yet. (Rumors are currently swirling that his catalog will be available for streaming soon. Stay tuned.)

"Pure Comedy" by Father John Misty

Father John Misty is no stranger to laughing at all of humanity, but despite his new song's title, we have a feeling he doesn't actually find the current state of things all that funny. After going off on the screwed-up instincts of our species, he ends on one very jarring, very simple, very terrifying declaration: "I hate to say it, but each other's all we got."

"Darling" by Real Estate

We could all use a little (actually, a lot) of Real Estate's sunny beach rock right about now. Jangly and riddled with notes of classic pop, it's just the thing to warm up your spirits. "The birds singing," sings lead singer Martin Courtney. "The sun rising / Impatiently / As I wait for you." (We think he's talking about you, spring.)

"Show You the Way" by Thundercat ft. Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins

Thundercat's new track is as groovy and soulful as it gets. That's probably something you can't avoid when you recruit yacht rock legends like Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins to help you write said song.

"(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano" by Sampha

When you spend a certain amount of time with an object, you end up pouring your heart into it, and it's easy to feel as though it might somehow harbor your deepest hopes, dreams, and secrets. Sampha touches on this feeling using only his beloved piano, his beautiful vocals, and a gentle beat.

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